Performance Zone: Great v. Good

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Performance Zone: Great v. Good

I have been around world-class athletes since I was 18-years-old. Playing football at Appalachian State University was the best thing that ever happened to me because I was exposed to truly great athletes. We had future NFL stars on our team. Our track team had Olympic hopefuls, and our wrestling team had Olympic hopefuls.

I was always drawn to these people. I wanted to know what made them tick. Sometimes they didn’t seem any better athletically than other athletes except on the field of play. All of the great excelled on the field of battle.

Matt Stevens played seven years in the NFL. He was a walk-on at Appalachian. He weighed 175lb entering college and ran a 4.6 40-yard dash. That’s not bad, but that’s not NFL size or speed. He left college weighing 215lb running a 4.4 40-yard dash. His play on the field was simply unbelievable leading the league in interceptions his last two years. How did he make such a transformation and succeed on the field so well?

Like most great athletes, he was able to enter into “the zone” or “flow state” more than others. He was able to do the following better than all the rest of us:

• Set clear and concise goals
• Totally prepare mentally and physically for the field
• Set goals that matched his skill set
• Embark in risks that required the flow state
• Avoided all outside distractions that might interfere

Most 18-year-olds playing sports in college are worrying too much about the parties and other distractions. Matt was worried about his goals. Yes his main goal was always the NFL, but he set small ones along the way that led him down the path like:

• Gain some muscle
• Perfect sprinting technique
• Get stronger in the weight room
• Master the Defensive Play Book
• And so on

These clear and concise goals led him down a path that ultimately led to the NFL. If he had only thought about the broad goal of getting drafted into the NFL, he would have never made it. He would have been like all the rest.

He killed in the weight room and the speed sessions. He was totally in the moment during all of his training. One thing that really helped him was studying the playbook more than anyone else. If you want to slow things down on the field or in life, then master your craft. If you don’t have to think about what’s going on, your body can just take over reacting to every play.

Matt also set goals that matched his skill set. When he ran a 4.6 40-yard dash, he wasn’t trying to run a 4.3. He was just trying to run a little faster and a little more efficiently. The more concise of a goal that you can set will ultimately lead to success.

Matt put himself out there. His goals were always big enough that the risk warranted entering the flow state. If you are always conservative in your activities, the body has no reason to take over. You have to challenge yourself in life if you ever want to do great things or enter the performance zone. Always being conservative will ultimately lead to always being average.

Matt was able to avoid all distractions and outside interferences. He was able to be mentally and physically present during any chosen activity. There is no way to allow the body to take over if there are any distractions. If the mind is spinning thinking about random thoughts, the mind will take over and paralyze the activity.

Matt’s willingness and natural ability to realize these elements leading to the “flow state” is the way that he worked himself from a walk-on to a seven-year NFL Veteran with a super bowl ring. Since working with Nathan Hansen, now Mash Elite can give you those steps and the process required to enter “the Flow state” in our latest e-book “Performance Zone”.

As a coach my biggest desire is to give my athletes and readers all the tools necessary to succeed. This book will do just that. I hope all of you guys enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Our latest E-Book “Performance Zone” has dropped! Check it out now at:

This book will help you discover all the steps necessary for “getting in the zone”, or what we call “entering the flow state”. This book will help you:

-Give you the history of flow or the zone
-Explain what is needed to get into flow or the zone
-Give you The Guide to Initiate Flow
1 Clear goals
2 Feedback
3 Skill ratio

This is definitely my favorite book to have written. I hope that all of you enjoy reading it!


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