Nutritional Periodization – The Barbell Life 183

This week on The Barbell Life, I’m mixing things up a little by having Loren Pinilis, Alex Maclin and Mash Elite programming and nutrition coach, Crystal McCollough, take over hosting duties. And once you listen, I believe you’ll agree with me that they did a great job.


Nutritional Periodization

On this episode, the crew drops a bunch of knowledge bombs on how to take your nutrition to the next level with nutritional periodization.  It’s funny but sometimes we only think of periodization as applying to getting stronger, but the concept of periodization applies just as much to your nutritional goals as it does for your squat or clean and jerk.

Alex and Crystal provide so much solid, applicable information on this topic. I’m confident what they have to say will get you thinking differently about how to structure your nutrition and training throughout the year. Also, Loren brings his personal experience, insight and asks some great questions that I’m sure many of you have on your mind. As someone who’s lost over 100 lbs of weight over the years, you’d be best to listen to what Loren has to say.

I suggest you get a pen and paper out and take some notes as you listen or at least go through the show a couple times to make sure you capture it all. It’s that informative.

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Listen in to today’s podcast as we talk about:

  • What nutritional periodization is, why you should be periodizing your nutrition and how to do it.
  • Why you need to consider making your nutrition goals align with your training goals
  • Health, performance, and recovery markers to monitor while making changes to your nutrition
  • Periodizing training and nutrition for competitive athletes and just everyday folks.
  • Why you shouldn’t make dietary changes at certain points of your training cycles.
  • Sometimes embracing plateaus or stalls in your diet progress.
  • and much more.


Take a listen here:

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  1. I used to be able to download the podcast to listen to wherever but can’t anymore. Any help on this? Thanks Terry

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