Nutrition Mindset While Traveling by Paluna Santamaria

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Nutrition Mindset While Traveling
By Paluna Santamaria

I have a busy traveling work schedule. I love hotels, exploring new coffee shops and meeting new people so much so that when I’m not traveling for work I’m usually planning a vacation.

No matter how much I enjoy travelling, I still find it stressful.
There are many types of stress, we can’t control all of them but we can prioritize and make the best out of every situation.

Rest and recovery should be an essential part of any health and fitness program so when I travel, I define my priorities based on the purpose of my trip.

Stress management is always first on my priority list.

Because I usually travel to teach a workshop or certification I need to be fully alert and as rested as possible to prevent crashing and foggy brain.

I achieve this by doing the following:

-Show up few days before teaching date.

-Sleep as much as possible when possible (bring a sleeping mask, travelling pillow, ear plugs or my favorite white noise apps)

-Inquiry about grocery stores, juice bars or anywhere where I can stock up on fruits and vegetables.

-Bring protein, in all forms I can (powders, tuna cans, jerky)

-Stay hydrated

-Book a hotel 20-30min walking distance from facility (this ensures I get a little extra activity on days I’ll mostly be standing and talking for 8hrs straight)

Travelling for pleasure is a bit easier to plan as I can go with the flow and give my body the rest/workout ratio it needs. The biggest challenge is to prevent over eating certain macronutrients and under eating others.

What you have access to will be determined by the country you visit and how long you will be staying for.

Because I tend to be very on point with my nutrition, I allow myself not to strictly track or over think food when on vacation. I’m one of those people who tend to get leaner while away, as I tend to be more in tune with my body’s needs.

Here’s my simple list:

-Eat when hungry, stop when full. Do not eat out of boredom.

-I don’t drink alcohol, ever (I know, weirdo). If you do drink, enjoy your alcoholic beverage with a meal and make sure you drink enough water the rest of the day.

-Only eat desserts and junk once a balanced meal has been consumed (yes this means croissant in Paris is never the first thing in my stomach). This is when bringing protein and greens powder comes in handy. I usually have a scoop of each before leaving the hotel room.

-Carry a water bottle at all times.

-Share everything you eat. This is a great way to taste more than one dish without going over board.

There is a time to be strict and a time to relax. This is the key to a sustainable program; however, remember that relaxing doesn’t mean throwing your efforts out the window. Over exercising, over eating and under eating are all stressor that sooner or later will hinder your progress so the time to relax is simply that, a moment to be a little looser with choices.

Hope this helps and if you have any tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us!!
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About the Author:

Paluna Santamaria is a movement enthusiast by nature. As a child she participated in martial arts as well as being part of a swimming team for three years. Always an athlete she went on to play basketball for 4 consecutive years in high school as well as completing a Bachelor degree in Arts with a specialty in modern dance. She spent the years following graduation as a dancer and aerial performer. In 2005 she moved to Canada taking a break from performing to pursue a career in the fitness industry. She is now a certified Personal Trainer with additional training in Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebell, Pre/Post natal and Nutrition. Always curious about movement and looking for a challenge Paluna found weightlifting. She trained and competed under bulgarian legend Alex Varbanov from 2012-2016.

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