New Direction of Mash Elite Performance and Team Mash Mafia

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New Direction of Mash Elite Performance and Team Mash Mafia


I have always loved the barbell. I love all aspects of the barbell. A lot of people only know me as the Weightlifting Coach of the #2 Team in America Team Mash Mafia, and some still see me as the World Champion Powerlifter. The fact is that I am much more than a lot of you know.

For example, I am a strength and conditioning coach that has coached hundreds of Division I athletes and several NFL and NBA athletes. I still enjoy coaching my sports athletes, and I am coaching a heck of a group. Working with these athletes from all different sports will always be one of my passions. There is nothing better than watching these athletes perform on the field and knowing that helped them reach their goals.

I started this journey fascinated with bodybuilding. I grew up watching “The Incredible Hulk” starring Lou Ferrigno. One day my Uncle Delano told me that the Incredible Hulk was a real person. He told me who Lou Ferrigno was, and he told me that he got that way from lifting weights and eating properly. That was the day that sparked the rest of my life. I wanted in!!!

My local gym wouldn’t let me start because I was too young at the time. They finally allowed me to start at eleven-years-old, and I never looked back. The barbell transformed my life. It helped me improve as an athlete, and now it helps me teach others to reach their goals.

This year I was introduced to Grid and some CrossFit, and I love that too. It’s a whole new world, and it’s a new way of moving the barbell. Moving moderately heavy weight weight for multiple reps is the hardest thing that I have ever done. I also learned a lot of the gymnastics movements, and that really added some excitement to the workout. The cool thing about functional fitness is that there is always something new to learn or get better at.

I tell you all of this because our gym consists of a lot of weightlifters, some strength and conditioning athletes, a few powerlifters, and a couple of general fitness clients. We have one of the best weightlifting teams in America. We want to form the best powerlifting team in America. I miss my powerlifting roots, and I am excited to lead my army into battle. I have coached hundreds of powerlifters in my experience, and I have even helped coach one to the World Championships. I want to take everything that I learned while competing and all the things that I have learned over the years, and give it all back to the athletes that want to rule the sport as I did.

We are doing the same with bodybuilding and our Mash Jacked Team of Eze Onwurah and Gunnar Anderson. Both of these guys are seasoned fitness athletes, and they live the lifestyle. They have the classic bodies that I grew up admiring, and I believe that they are going to have massive impacts on not only bodybuilding but also fitness in general. I want them to lead people down the road of health and fitness, and I want our gym packed with these physique athletes.


Labor Day weekend we hosted the first Mash Strength Spectacular on our farm in Mocksville, NC. We had over 1,000 people from all over the world visit our little farm in the middle of nowhere, NC. It was awesome! People competed in weightlifting, powerlifting, Grid, and strongman. It was just a bunch of people that loved picking up heavy stuff all in the same place, and we learned to love and respect each other.


When the Mash Strength Spectacular kicked off, I realized at that moment a dream had come true right before my very eyes. People from all the strength sports that I had loved my whole life were competing together, laughing together, and cheering together. It was a barbell dream come true.

At that very moment, another dream was forming in my brain. I wanted this experience everyday of my life with bodybuilding added. That is what we are going to do in 2016. With the help of my partner Loren Pinilis, we are going to change the look of our gym and our online teams.

I want it all! Why not? It is going to take some time, but that’s ok. I want a community like that has never been seen before. Imagine it: weightlifters going to cheer on bodybuilders, bodybuilders cheering on powerlifters, and powerlifters cheering on Grid. It’s a beautiful thing!

How awesome is that for our high school athletes? They get to learn from all the disciplines, and they will learn how each applies to their sport. The environment will be a Barbell Utopia. The community of the gym and the online team will host the most unique environment in Barbell History.

I am excited to coach all the different disciplines as well as learn from all the expert coaches that we are going to bring on board. This new environment will match my attention levels and keep me excited for years to come. My problem has always been boredom. As an athlete, I have always looked for new challenges with powerlifting, weightlifting, bobsled, and Grid. As a coach, I have always enjoyed athletes that like multiple sports.


I want my athletes to do whatever they want. If they want to medal in the Olympic, let’s go. If they want to win the world championships in powerlifting, let’s do that too. If they want to compete in powerlifting and weightlifting, I am cool with that as well. It’s just a mathematical equation that we need to figure out.

I spent all day yesterday reading “Hybrid Athlete” by Alex Viada. I recommend his book all day long. He makes great points about cutting out all the fat if one wants to lift hard and be an endurance athlete. That means if an exercise isn’t absolutely necessary, get rid of it. Volume is volume, so if you add something, something else needs to be subtracted. Wisdom right there!

Having all of these athletes under one roof will allow all the coaches to work together. It will be beautiful. The Mash Mafia Online Teams are open right now to all athletes. We will be making a more formal announcement soon. However, if you are a powerlifter, you can sign up now. I am ready to lead you guys into the future.

Let’s go!!!

If you are interested in joining the expanding Mash Mafia Online Team, click the link below:

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