Monday – January 24, 2017

I’ll spare you all the details of my ENTIRE last week of training and just give you a brief summary. I promise to start being more consistent, and post daily from now on. Good new is coach Don sent me an actual program!! I can’t do much, but I do get to do a small amount of squatting and Olympic Lifting ON MY FEET! I’m still not cleared to do everything but my PT John Davidson (@CalsoPT) is super impressed with my progress so far. So, that’s always a good sign. I’m literally doing EVERYTHING I possibly can to ensure that things are smooth sailing and that I continue making good progress from here.

Last week, I continued to do a TON of bodybuilding. I hit a 3RM on my bench press of 75kg, which I was pretty darn excited about. I did lots of stretching on my ankles as prescribed by John.. and I’m actually seeing some improvement in my dorsiflexion, for the 1st time EVER, stretching is actually helping. Because, well, there’s not longer bones blocking my ROM. Now it’s just right Achilles an calf muscles holding me back. This makes me REALLY happy and hopeful. I got to do tire flips, KB swing, and ball slams. All STANDING (but still in the boot). I also did some wall sits and banded leg extensions, which got me a good quad pump. Trying to get these muscle back working any way I can. Training is so much more fun now that I can walk again. I even got to do some sets of front squats. Super light, 10 kgs, but seriously, I can’t even explain how happy this all makes me. Never in my life did I think I would be ecstatic about some 10kg front squats.

Okay, so Yesterday (Monday)

I got to do some cleans!

  • No Feet power cleans from blocks 10×2 25kgs
  • 1 Leg Squats 10×2 Both legs
    • They felt pretty good, and I can even now do some super solid pistols on my non surgery leg, which I’ve never been able to do before. So that’s cool. I can’t wait until my surgery leg catches up. (Crossfit games here I come ;))

Bro Session – Back

  • Bench Lat Sweeps 5×8 w/ pause at the top 20kgs
  • Bench Rows up to 3×8 60kgs
  • DB rows w/ 5 sec ecc 5x5e 45lbs
  • Back Ext + Bat Wing Rows 5×20 20bs

Rehab + core

  • Lunges 75reps total
  • 5 minutes Walking
  • Foot Muscle Strengthening
  • 5 Minute ankle stretch
  • Bird Dogs 5×10 e +
    • Curl ups 5×5 e 10 sec hold

So as you can see my training sessions are getting a little longer and including more and more exercises. Which excites me! Now, to figure out how to get in everything, without spending 4-5 hours a day in the gym. Two-a-Days? Maybe?



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