Monday – December 26th, 2016

Olympic Work

  • Kneeling Snatch – 10×3 37kgs

This was 9kgs higher than last week. It’s crazy how quickly things come back after taking some time off. Happy with the progress, but man, these tired me out. I’m not looking forward to how low my work capacity is going to be when I am able to train full force again.

Bro Session – Shoulders

  • Kneeling Strict Press – 5×5 43kgs
  • Bottoms up KB z press – 5x8e 18lbs
  • I, Y,W 3x15e 2.5lbs

The pump was real.


  • Belt squat leg “presses” 5×20 10kgs
  • 1 leg squats 5×10 25lbs

Bodyweight : 63.4kgs

The Belt squat leg “presses” were an experiment today. They were pretty uncomfortable at 1st, but I finally got it rigged up so it worked alright. We are still brain storming more ways to work my injured leg without putting any pressure on my ankle.

Not sure why, but I was exhausted by the end of training. I’m a work in progress.

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