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I have decided to post our MashMafia Team Programming. You will see that there will be a Met Con posted most days. That is for my competitive crossfitters that I program for. They will normally cut out the assistance work before hitting the met con. We are now in a taper cycle peaking for the NC State Weightlifting Championships October 19th. We are also hosting a meet October 20th for the people that didn’t get in (if you are interested, email me at or go to and sign up in the store section). It was so exciting for me to see a NC Meet fill up. Crossfit is doing so much for the sport that I love, and I am personally very thankful for the sport of Crossfit. In following the program realize that all of my athletes have variations of this plan based on what’s good for them. This is just the generic plan. If you want a personalized plan, email me at or go to

I’m also excited to announce a study on “The Squat” that I am doing in conjunction with Winston-Salem State University. Dr. McKenzie, Exercise Science Professor, is helping me. Right now we are narrowing the components that we will be measuring. As soon as we narrow those down, I will announce exactly what we will measure, and the amount of people that we will be testing. Personally I want to look at muscle fiber recruitment at several angles and using different verbal cues. I will be videoing all squats using Dartfish software for biomechanical feedback. Eventually I want to study the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. I know that there has been numerous studies in the past, but I want to do my own. Otherwise I am just using other people’s research, and I want to have my own. The goal is to write a research based book for beginners that will give a safe and easy to follow program.

I’m the most excited to announce a new bible study at Mash Elite Performance that will take place every Monday at 10a starting this Monday. We will be studying the book “12 Ordinary Men” by John MacArthur. Everyone is welcome!

Today is a day off, but we will still do some drills, mobility and recovery work

Thursday September 26th, 2013
Angel Drops
Hit & Catch Cleans

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