Mash Method Report

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Mash Method Report

I am happy to report that I ended 2016 in a much better state than I started out. I committed much of the year to growing my team and my business as well as spending more time with my family. I am very excited with the growth of our business, and the state of Team Mash Mafia.

I have several great people in place within the business, and of course I have the great Coach Don McCauley coaching. This infrastructure will allow me to actually get back in shape, and hopefully get back on the platform next year. The birth of my third child, Behr Bradley Mash gave me the motivation to get back in shape but in a little different way.

Here are my goals for 2017:

• 130k Snatch
• 170k Clean & Jerk
• 300k Back Squat
• 190k Bench Press
• 320k Deadlift
• Run a 5K

I was in the worst shape of my life going into my training, so I didn’t have to train 6-days per week to see results. I have started things out in a very simple way. Here’s what it looks like:

Day 1
Mash Method Bench Press
Max Effort Front Squat
Repetition Method Clean & Jerk

Day 2 (No Weaknesses Day)
Multiple Carries (Zercher, Farmers, Kettlebell)
Unilateral Overhead Work
Prowler Pushes

Day 3
Max Effort Bench Press
Mash Method Front Squat
Max Effort Clean & Jerk

Right now I am only doing three Days per week, but I intend on adding one day in January. I will add in Snatch on Day 3 and the extra day with some pulling, accessory, and cardio work. I will probably stick with this for a month or two before beginning a 5 to 6 day per week schedule. Right now I am sticking to my principle of getting the most out of the least, and it’s working well for me.

I have been training with my old training partner Chris “Ox” Mason at his gym “Training for Warriors Winston-Salem”, and I can tell you that this has help immensely. Ox was my training partner throughout college and during my professional powerlifting days. I am not sure if it’s a trained response or what, but when I drive to his gym, I feel the old me coming out. I am learning to enjoy training again. I once again feel excited about the possibilities of my body.

I have only been at it for about six weeks so far, and here are the results:

Front Squat 175k/385lb to 215k
Bench Press 137k to 162k
Clean 130k/286lb to 150k/330lb

Not to mention we are doing the Day 2 Workouts in a type of Met Con, and I can really feel my conditioning improving. The Day 2 “No Weakness” Work isn’t the sexy stuff, but that’s the day that is most important to my quality of life. I want to be active and mobile as my children grow up. For this to happen I have to focus on muscular balance and conditioning.

The first few weeks of the Mash Method have looked like this:

Weeks 1 thru 4

Set 1 93% x 1
Set 2 75% x 5
Set 3 93% +5-10k x 1
Set 4 75% +5-10k x 5
Set 5 93%+5-10k x 1
Set 6 75%+5-10k x 5

I have definitely played around with the percentages, as there are many possible variations. For example I have maintained the 5-rep percentage throughout adding a 5+ to the last set. PAP really helps to knock out some repetitions. From week to week, I have started a couple of kilos higher as to slowly progress in intensity and overall volume.

Weeks 5 + 6

Set 1 95% x 1
Set 2 80% x 3
Set 3 added five to ten kilos to set 1 for 1
Set 4 added 5-10 kilos to set 2 for 3
Set 5 added 5-10 kilos to set 3 for 1
Set 6 added 5-10 kilos to set 4 for 3+

Now I am starting all over with a hypertrophy phase where I will be doing sets of 3 reps and 10 reps. I am a little scared of this phase, but I know that I need it. I love the results so far, and I look forward to playing around with the sets and reps for a little while longer. A couple of my athletes are testing a first round draft of the method, so hopefully I will have some good data for a new book later this year.

I will keep you guys updated as I try to aspects of the method. All that I can say is that I am very pleased so far. I hope to bridge this method with squat every day sometime in the spring. I need to increase my work capacity just a bit before I begin that phase. I am very excited to be getting after it as we enter 2017. I hope that I can show all of my 40+-year-old readers that age doesn’t need to be an excuse.

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