Mash Method 1/6/17

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Mash Method 1/6/17

Yesterday crushed my soul slightly. We were expecting snow here in North Carolina, so I pulled a double training session. No it’s not because I am afraid of driving in the snow. It’s two-part really. First I don’t want to leave my family with 8-inches of snow on the ground. We have a newborn and a two-year-old. If the power goes out, I need to build a fire. However, really I just want to be snowed in with my beautiful wife and children sitting by the fire.

As far as training, session 1 went something like this:

Trained at TFW Winston-Salem

Front Squats:
365lb x 3
275lb x 10
385lb x 3
285lb x 10
395lb x 3
405lb x 3
295lb x 10

Max Effort Bench Press worked up to 315lb x 3 for a comeback triple PR

The front squats were terrible and awesome all at the same time. Using post activation potentiation to drive the reps up helps to obviously increase the hypertrophy gains. The triples also help to add more volume at a much higher intensity. I have a lot of athletes that get incredible at max rep gains that simply don’t correlate to 1 rep maxes.

At the end of the day I am interested in increasing that 1 rep max capability because I am in the game of lifting the most weight for one repetition. After a couple of weeks with this hypertrophy phase, I will move into singles and doubles for a longer duration.

The reason for the two sets of three before the last 10-rep is because my training partner Ox Mason forgot to film the 395lb x 3. Now I could of said the heck with it, but truth is that I really wanted to go 405lb anyways. Plus did it really happen if there is no video? Not really!

Session 2

I trained with my team back at the Mash Compound.

Clean & Jerks up to 120k
Clean up to 140k/308lb
Deadlift 500lb x 1

We were packed with visitors, so I was pretty busy coaching. I just got in were I fit in. I just really wanted to get in some Clean & Jerk work and Deadlifts. That was the first time that I have deadlifted in at least 6-month. Next week, I am going to step up my training, and I will release my training schedule and program next week. If you guys want to follow along, we will go on this journey together.

I had to shut down the Clean & Jerks at 120k simply because my legs were destroyed. The dip and drive simply wasn’t working. It wasn’t optimal to Clean & Jerk or deadlift, but I had to get it in. Now I am writing this by the fire with my adorable family by my side.

Life is good, and I am serving an awesome God. If you guys have any questions, just ask them below and I will respond.

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