Mash Mafia Weightlifting: Using Various Heights of Boxes

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Mash Mafia Weightlifting: Using Various Heights of Boxes

We released a video yesterday with Coach Don McCauley explaining the use of boxes in training. I wanted to give a little insight, and share the video here for all of you to see. Here are the three heights that we use:

• Below Knees
• At Knee
• Above knee (at or near power position)

Each of these heights can vary a few inches each way. Here is the video with Coach McCauley explaining our Box Training in depth:

Incorporating Blocks with Coach Don McCauley

Here’s the bottom line. We use the boxes to pinpoint the different aspects of the pull much like Louie Simmons uses different machines to find muscular weaknesses. If we notice a weakness from a certain height, we will spend a little more time at that height. Sometimes it is a movement or position problem, and sometimes it is a strength issue. If we determine that it is a hamstring, glute, back, or overall core issue, we will also target with appropriate exercises to develop strength.

We use hangs as well from these various heights. As Coach McCauley explains we use hangs to strengthen the positions. The eccentric loading aids in producing hypertrophy in the muscles that are being used. This is the advantage of hangs. The boxes help more with speed because there isn’t a stretch reflex to aid the pull.

I like boxes for the conjugate method aspect as well. It is a change that will excite adaptation from each height. Once again the slightest variation will force the body to continue to adapt to the stimulus.

The other benefit one gets from using boxes is that it saves the back. Limiting the length of the pull will limit the time under tension required during the pull, which will in turn give the pulling muscles a slight break. We will use them during the strength cycles on Wednesdays to give the back time to heal up for the big Max Out Fridays that we all like to enjoy.

Now enjoy the video:

Incorporating Blocks with Coach Don McCauley

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