Life: on purpose.

Life: on purpose.

Everything has purpose.

More importantly, though, everyone has purpose.

This is fundamental to what I believe. Every single human being is on this planet for a reason. This means that every person matters. It doesn’t matter where one lives, what color his skin is, or how much money he has; what does matter is why he is on this earth and who he is created to be.

So the goal then becomes figuring out the “why.”

Why are you here? Has anyone ever told you that there is a significant reason that you are here?

These are important questions to ask, because the answers 100% influence decision making.

I believe that all humans are created in the image of God and are created to bring him glory. That automatically gives us worth and purpose. If we exist (or believe we exist) without worth and purpose, we may as well call it quits now because nothing matters.


if we believe in worth and purpose, then everything matters. If I’m really created in the image of the invisible God and exist to bring him glory, then every thing I do, every word I speak, and everyone I come into contact with matters.

How do I teach someone to believe they need to make good decisions? By influencing their mindset and perspective. If I help them learn about their purpose and their value, then I can help them see why making the right decisions matters on such a huge scale.

I believe this is true. It’s in my DNA to recognize that every decision I make affects my future.

I decide my destiny one decision at a time.

God has the plans laid out, he knows my beginning and my end; but I have to make the decisions that will get me from point A to B.

Wise decisions keep me on the straight and narrow. Foolish or hasty decisions put me in a direction that while require correction at some point down the road to get me back to where I’m headed (my purpose).

My hope and belief is that as I live out my purpose (glorifying God in all I do) that I will be able to influence others in such a way that they too begin to live on purpose.

Purpose. 2014.

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