Life Changing Facebook Posts

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Life Changing Facebook Posts

This week I have seen two Facebook posts that I believe was life changing for potential coaches out there. The first was from the amazing powerlifter, Blaine Sumner. He visited Louie Simmons’s Westside Barbell and made the following post on Facebook:

“I’m back beezys! When I came out to Westside, I didn’t know what would happen. Didn’t know if I would get ran off because of where I’ve competed, or welcomed in. I’ve read and heard a lot of negative things about this Mecca and Louie, and have also read and heard a lot of great things. I had no idea what to expect when I came here. I’ve found that nearly all of the negative things could not be more false. And all of the positive things were an understatement. I have never in my life been around an individual who is more passionate and has dedicated more of his life to strength than Louie. And never been around a group of lifters more focused, hard working, and dedicated to getting stronger above all else. Louie, this gym and the records aren’t what they are because it’s “all the gear” or other assistance, it’s really because they are more obsessed with getting stronger in every way. Every IPF lifter I’ve talked to puts more emphasis on gear carryover versus strength than Westside, by a lot. The days I trained here I didn’t see one cell phone out during training, didn’t see people being distracted, only caring about moving weight on the bar and getting stronger. I remember when I first started training powerlifting at Rocky Mountain Lifting Club it was the same thing on a smaller scale. People were there to train and get stronger, not sit on their phones and be distracted which is all I see anymore in the gym. The day you stop learning and have a closed mind is the day you stop progressing. I’ve learned a fraction of what Westside is about and their methods, but I will be implementing an INCREDIBLE amount of what I’ve learned into my training. I don’t care about who in the world will be offended by my time here, all I care about is getting stronger – and there was no place better in the world to learn about that than Westside. And dear WADA, I will be back in Oklahoma for my out of competition drug test tonight.”

It was great to see one of USAPL’s top athletes going out of his comfort zone to learn from Louie. Is he going to go home and start training exactly Westside? Probably not, but if he learned just one thing that might help, then the trip was worth it. That’s all that I have ever said about Westside Barbell. Whether it’s Westside Barbell, Catalyst Athletics, Juggernaut, or Mash Elite, you can learn from everyone. If their athletes are having success, you can probably learn from them. That doesn’t mean that you have to listen to 100% of what they say like it’s gospel, but you should definitely look into what they are saying.

There was another post by Eric Bowman, Physiotherapist that went:

“I think one of the big mistakes people make in the health & fitness industry is either
1) On one end people guru worshipping a guy – or Gray Cook or Lorimer Moseley or Stu McGill or Mike Boyle or Eric Cressey or Louie Simmons
2) They completely blow them off because they disagree on a few details.
I think both are big mistakes. Yes you have to have a critical mind to think about everything you hear – but to blow a brilliant person off because you disagree on a few details is also problematic. If that was the case you could blow off anyone & everyone.”

I seriously couldn’t agree more. You shouldn’t blindly follow anyone, but you can learn from all of these great authors and teachers. I have read their books, watched their seminar, or hung out with all of these mentioned people. I have actually podcast with a few of them, and all of these coaches are amazing. Of course we need to be educated ourselves to make our own decisions on what information that we will keep and what will choose to leave.

This week Facebook was filled with nuggets like these two. This is what I like to see unlike the normal negative bashing that normally fills the airways. I hope that we get to see more posts like these in the future. In the meantime I suggest that all of beware of anyone throwing absolutes around, as science simply doesn’t support a lot of absolutes. If a coach is getting results, you should probably at least check out what they are doing as opposed to mindlessly ignoring their information.

Now let’s go out there and make all social media positive and thought provoking.

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