Let’s Get Balanced!

Let’s Get Balanced!

I was inspired to write this blog after a great session of gymnastics with my 1-year-old, Rock. He killed it, and I can tell you that I am one proud papa. He was patient with the other kids, listened to the instructor, and crushed his movements. He is way ahead of the other kids his age. Is it because he is genetically gifted? Maybe, who knows at this point. It’s probably because I take the time out of my day to work and play with him.


That brings me to the point of this blog. My life is finally balanced. Is it perfectly balanced? Probably not, but it is the most balanced that it has ever been. Balance in life is like balance as an athlete. Perfect balance is unachievable, so the goal is to strive for as close to perfection as possible.

Let me tell you one important thing, and that is the people that tell you being selfish is a requirement for greatness are lying to you. Selfishness isn’t at all a requirement. Being selfish with you life might get you on a podium, but it will definitely lead to destruction. I am a living testimony. I sacrificed every relationship in my life to become the best powerlifter on the planet. That led to the podium and depression, and all that I can really remember is the depression.

Here is the lesson of the day. Competition isn’t about becoming the greatest of all-time. It is really about what you are going to do with being the best. How many people are you going to inspire and help? My life as a coach involves working several hours each week to help my team members and coaches. Being able to pay coaches and help athletes is a great feeling because I am helping others reach their goals. That is an honor given to me by God Himself, and I treasure that gift.

I hope that all of you consider these words as you are on your way to achieving great things in this life. I don’t want you to get to the end and realize that it was all for nothing. Whether you have a goal of becoming a great athlete, coach, or entrepreneur, do it with a higher purpose in mind.

Do you want to leave this world having only helped yourself reach glory and fame, or do you want to leave this world having inspired thousands of other people to improve their lives. Personally I want to inspire others, and most importantly glorify God with my actions in life. I can tell you that I have never experienced more peace and happiness in my life as I do now. I hope that all of you can experience the same.

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