Lessons Learned from the 2017 USAW Junior Nationals

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Lessons Learned from the 2017 USAW Junior Nationals

First I want to say that I had the most fun ever coaching this group of awesome young athletes. These kids battled to the very end to put up the numbers that they did. I am proud of each and every one of you.

I like to write these pieces after big events to prevent younger coaches from making mistakes that I have already made. Here are a couple of things that I learned this year.

1. Make sure that each athlete has a prepared meal for after weigh in that consists of carbs and easily digested protein. I recommend rice or mash potatoes with some moist grilled chicken.

2. Make sure that each athlete has some easily digestible foods for during the competition like: bananas, protein bars, and even some simple sugars like gummy bears for quick energy.

3. I am not big on ammonia, but I recommend having it around in case as athlete is getting light headed. This saved us a couple of times this weekend.

4. Make sure that your athletes are prepared to wait 20-30 minutes in between attempts. This is a new world that we are lifting in. There are more competitors, and they are getting stronger too.

5. Have a plan for those long waits. You should practice this often because it is going to happen a lot. Are you going to just do pulls? Are you going to do waves in the back? Whatever your plan, you need it written down and have practiced it.

Here are a few more from past meets that might help as well:

1. Make sure that your athletes have their ID or Birth Certificates with them.

2. Make sure that each athlete knows where to be and when at all times.

3. Make a list of items to pack like belt, singlet, shoes, tape, wraps, knee sleeves, warm ups, etc. You don’t want to forget these items. I suggest taking your own tape and chalk just in case.

4. Have a warm up written and planned to make things go smoother.

5. Last take a black book to take notes on each athlete. You will learn new things at each competition that will help you coach that athlete better in the future.

These are just a few things that I recommend. I hope that they help. I want to thank USAW for putting on a top-notch competition. I am very proud to be a part of such a progressive sport here in America. I can’t wait to see where we can take it.

Our team killed it. Here’s a list of competitors and a few of their highlights:

1. 14-yer-old Ryan Grimsland- 4 for 6 in his first National meet and hit a PR Clean & Jerk of 100k/220lb and PR total of 179k. Ryan was our youngest competitor. His first competition was a month ago.

2. 16-year-old Nadeen Pierre- Competition PR Snatch of 76k and meet Clean & Jerk PR of 93k for a 169 PR Total. She killed it! She was just short of the World Team. She’s going to crush it at Youth Nationals.

3. 17-year-old Matt Wininger- Matt had his best National meet of all-time going 4 for 6 and hitting a lifetime PR Clean & Jerk of 131k and lifetime PR Total of 222k. I am pumped for his future in this sport.

4. Cole Fandale- He didn’t have the best meet, but he stuck in there and got a total on the board. He hit an 110k Snatch and a 140k Clean & Jerk. I am proud of him for sticking in there.

5. Hunter Wooten- he hit a lifetime PR Snatch of 124k to win Bronze in the Snatch. His Clean & Jerk took a turn for the worse. He wasn’t able to get one in due to passing out. He learned a lot about meet nutrition, and he was still pumped about his medal.

6. Mason Groehler- I am super proud of this young man. He was only able to train for two-weeks due to major sickness. He still took Gold in the Clean & Jerk and Total hitting a PR Clean & Jerk of 170k.

7. Jacob Hamby- Jacob was competing in his first Junior Nationals, and man did he kill it. He hit competition PRs in everything Snatching 120k, Clean & Jerking 150k, and totaling 270k. That was a 20k competition PR.

I will see you guys at Senior Nationals.

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