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I have spent my whole life under the bar, researching, and trying to figure this thing out that we call “strength”. Now my passion is turned to teaching the world all about the barbell, and all things that go along with the barbell. Thanks to the world of CrossFit, people all over the world want to know all about strength and all of its mysteries.

In today’s world of social media, it is much easier to spread one’s message. Along with my amazing staff at Mash Elite Performance, we now have a Podcast “Barbell Life” where we focus on all things jacked with a family and spiritual focus. I love being a part of it, and I totally feel called to grow this show. Below is the link to the show on If you like what you hear, I would appreciate it if you followed the show.

We also have a YouTube Channel full of inspirational and educational videos focused on weightlifting, powerlifting, mobility, and athletic performance. We strive to add at least three videos per week. I have placed the link below. If you like what you see, I would appreciate it if you would subscribe, like, and comment. I will do my best to answer comments.

I will continue to bring you all as much free content as God will give me energy to produce it. Of course we have online coaching, online team, seminars, apparel, and more that is for purchase. This is the way that we make enough money to fund the free stuff. If you see something that would help you or that you would enjoy, we would appreciate your business. If not, we appreciate your loyalty in trusting us with your barbell knowledge.

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