Junior World Championships Update 6/25/16

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Junior World Championships Update 6/25/16

It’s 4:30pm on Saturday here in Tbilisi, Georgia. I haven’t quite got the new time zone down yet. I normally wake up around 2am, which is 6pm back home. Half the team has already adjusted just fine, and the other half is getting better. It’s definitely a good idea to come about a week before the competition begins just to give the athletes some time to adjust.

I am a little torn right now. This weekend we have several great youth athletes competing at Youth Nationals in Austin, TX. Don McCauley is back home coaching those folks. We have a few that could potentially medal, and we are debuting our 12-year-old stud Morgan McCullough. I am not going to make any predictions, but I promise that he is going to make some massive waves in the USAW world.

Yesterday we ventured down to the Old Town district here in Tbilisi. It was an interesting contrast in architecture with half the buildings reflecting the old U.S.S.R. era, and the other half looking extremely modern. We visited an old fort that sat high up on a mountain that was used to gain their freedom. The people were really welcoming, and the food was amazing.


We did run into some real life gypsies, and I have to say that they are masters at the craft of begging. These little women in their colorful dresses holding their babies came up to me like a swarm of bees. I am admittedly the biggest sucker on earth. I just can’t help but to give some money to these little ladies holding their babies. It literally breaks my heart. However looking back, these ladies are pulling in some money from tourists, and I bet they are living pretty well. Who cares? It’s the thought that counts.

The training hall was beautiful, and pretty much our entire team was on fire yesterday. We had some PRs fall. I was especially excited to Mason Groehler Snatch 137k/301lb. That was a pretty big PR, and he did it pretty easily. Nathan Damron showed off his squatting skills hitting a very easy 275k/606lb while only weighing 88k.

I am excited to watch these boys and girls compete. These kids are a new generation of athlete in America. I don’t believe that this group will be happy until they are medaling at major International Competitions. We have a few that have opportunities of medaling at this World Championships, so keep your fingers crossed.

When competing Internationally, here are a few things to consider:

1. Try to stay up that first day a little longer, so you can go to bed sleepy at a normal time. This will help you acclimate sooner. Unfortunately, this is not what I did.

2. Be prepared with bars, meal replacements, and snacks in case you or your athletes doesn’t like the food. Some of the athletes are having trouble adjusting to the food here, and a few of them are struggling to keep their weight on.

3. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience. The competition will always come first. You are representing Team USA. However, if you are on an International Team, you have deserved that trip by taking some time to experience the country. You should experience the food, culture, and history. You might not appreciate it in the moment, but you will as time goes by.

We are lucky to have a team that has bonded so quickly. These guys and gals are really familiar with each other from past International Teams, OTC Camps, and hanging out at National events. They act like they train together all the time. The entire team looks relaxed, and they are all having a blast. That atmosphere makes for great results at the competition.

I will keep you guys updated at the end of each day. I am excited to coach this amazing team. We appreciate all of you that are keeping up with us. This sport is growing because of you guys, and we are grateful.

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