It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Jason Coker, who just became the best pound for pound bencher of all-time with a 900 pound bench weighing 198lbs! Now before you guys go hounding on him for being equipped, I have witnessed him warming up with 600 pounds with a t-shirt on, so get off him Bro! He is 39 years old which baffles me. My career was over when I was 33 years old. If I had been able to continue to improve until I was 40, I would have unleashed a total that would have choked people.

That brings me to today’s discussion: How long can you last? This is such an important topic that doesn’t get talked about often enough. This factor gives hope to the weak. It will also be the deciding factor between equals because somebody will give out. I have watched people that weren’t even close to me while I was competing stay in the game, and now they are on top. They lasted!

There are aspects of longevity that are in our control like:

1. Proper rest.
2. Proper nutrition.
3. Having a coach to write smart programming for you.
4. Being smart enough to listen to the coach.
5. Being smart enough to not push yourself to an injury.
6. All aspects of recovery: A.R.T., Chiropractic, Graston, massage, contrast baths, Epsom salt baths, stretching, mobility work, etc.
7. Recognizing muscular imbalances and addressing.
8. Smart life decisions like not driving fast.
9. Not partying.
10. Maintaining overall health.

These are just a few, but as you can see, there are a lot of ways that you can make wise decisions that will keep you in the game longer. Some aspects of longevity are not in your control like:

1. Genetics
2. Freak accidents

However there is no point in worrying about those. I suggest focusing on what you can control and becoming a “master of the mundane” making wise decisions. Until next time, stay the course, run the marathon, and win the race!

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