Is Every Great Athlete on Steroids?

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Is Every Great Athlete on Steroids?

Ray Williams just squatted 1005lb in knee sleeves and a belt. He didn’t just squat it. He buried it! Most people are fired up for the amazing spectacle of strength. However there are of course the people screaming steroids. Why? Did you see him take steroids? He’s in a drug tested federation, and I can promise the USAPL takes there drug testing seriously. If he wanted to take steroid, I would assume that he would lift in one of the non-tested federations.

This sort of thing happens all the time. I witnessed CJ Cummings set the Youth World Record in the Clean & Jerk at 180k/396lb weighing 152lb. It was an amazing feat of strength, and of course people were commenting about steroids. Look I promise that he is drug free. He’s tested at just about every competition, and USADA tests him randomly throughout the year. He’s just gifted, and that’s hard to handle for some people.


Nathan Damron crushed a high bar back squat of 675lb, and he clean and jerked 200k/440lb as a Junior athlete. People swear that he’s on steroids. He’s not! USADA just showed up last week and literally tested my entire team. Dylan Cooper will soon become my second junior athlete to clean & jerk 200k+. These athletes are simply gifted, and they train their butts off.

I get it. It’s hard to believe that someone is that much better than you. It’s hard to accept, and it can crush one’s spirit. That doesn’t mean that it’s ok to lash out at them via social media or anywhere else. You just have to realize that some people are more genetically gifted than you are. That’s a tough one to swallow, but that’s life.

Instead of lashing out, there are some things that you can do. Maybe someone is ahead of you because of genetics. That doesn’t mean that they will stay ahead. Instead of making excuses with steroid accusations you could look at all the areas of training that you can control:

• Nutrition
• Sleep and Recover
• Mobility work
• Targeting weaknesses with accessory work
• Mind set and the mental game

These are just a few, but most people leave holes in their training. That’s where someone who masters all of these mundane areas can catch up and one day pass their competitors. It’s not always the athlete that gets out of the gates first that wins the race. A solid plan, determination, and good genetics can beat an athlete with great genetics, a bad plan, and lack of determination.

This was a small rant this morning, but I hope that all of you will take this as a learning experience. Don’t be that guy or gal accusing people of drug use just because they are beating you. Instead of accusing the person of drugs I suggest asking them what they are doing to get so much better. You probably can learn from that person.

Now am I saying that cheating doesn’t happen? No way it most certainly does happen. I am just saying that you shouldn’t accuse someone without knowing. It really makes you look like a sore loser, and it comes across as pouting when you do it online. There’s no point in it. If someone is cheating, they will eventually get caught. Until then, I suggest that we congratulate one another.

I don’t like the thoughts of someone beating my athletes because of something that they are taking. I don’t like that one bit, but I am not going to go around accusing someone just because they won. I am going to focus on the things that I can control like the things that I listed earlier.

Look Ray Williams is a beast. CJ Cummings is incredible. Nathan Damron is freaky strong. Don’t take away from their performance by screaming steroids. People that do that are simply pouting because others are more genetically gifted than they are. Let’s be happy for other people’s accomplishment. Let’s learn from those accomplishments. Finally let’s apply the things that we learn to our own training. Besides that let’s button our lips, put our heads down, and go to work.

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