Inspiring People to Inspire Others

Inspiring People to Inspire Others

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When I wrote about my goals for this year, I talked about inspiring 35+ year olds to look at life as a beginning not half way over. The Grid League actually inspired me with their rule of at least one man and one woman over 40 years old on each team. When I heard this, I was so excited. I watch too many of my peers simply give up on life around that 35 year old period.

So many people when they turn 35 years old, they feel as if life is on a downward spiral. They think that whatever they have accomplished by the time they are 35 is all that they are going to accomplish. That’s not true! When I first met with the Carolina Crush, they told me about the 40-year-old rule. They also told me that the 40 year olds would be specialists. By specialist, they mean someone that specializes in a certain aspect of the sport like strength or body weight. I knew right away that this would be a great platform to inspire others.

I am treating this opportunity unlike any before in my life. In the past, all I cared about was winning and bringing myself glory. This time around nothing could be further from the truth. I want to Glorify God first, inspire my family, and inspire my fellow middle-agers. I am taking this opportunity more seriously because there is a lot more riding on this. I am planning, programming, and assembling my team. I am more determined than ever, and this time I will become the Master of the Mundane.

Last night while recovering in the hot tub with my wife, it was music to my ears to realize how much she supports me. She was talking about getting my nutrition more dialed in, and taking my recovery more seriously than ever. Ladies, if you want your man to be successful, encourage him and show him that you support and believe in him. The power of a woman is immeasurable. I have already tightened my diet up, but I am taking the next step next week.

Here are some of the steps that I am taking to improve performance:

• I am starting my #GridStyle diet. I’ll release more about that in the future.
• I will be visiting my Chiropractor Dr. Gray at least once per week for A.R.T., Graston, and Adjustments to keep me firing on all cylinders.
• I will also be using Dr. Gray’s new hyperbaric chamber at least once per week to increase Oxygen levels resulting in increased recovery.
• I am designing a specific mobility plan designed to improve my problem areas that I will perform daily.
• Dialing in my programming with the help of my #GridStyle training team: Will Hall, Paul Stewart, and Michael Priest.

The programming part is a lot more strategic with the Grid because of all the different elements. I feel like my strength is will on its way. I still need work on my Snatch and Clean & Jerk to reach my goals of 300lbs and 380lbs. My overhead and pressing is coming along quickly, but still needs some attention. Of course my conditioning and body weight exercises need the most attention to make me a complete Grid Athlete.

I am sure that most people are expecting me to just be the strength guy, but I am going to shock some people. When I have a goal, I am the hardest worker that I know. I have no intention of just being the master/strength guy. I want to dominate the league to show others my age that nothing is impossible. I want my coaches to feel comfortable about putting me in any situation. With the help of my team, I believe that I can get there. Will, Paul, and Mike are encouraging to me every day, and working with these guys is pushing me to my limits every week.

I am not just trying to motivate 35+ year-old adults to workout. I am saying that no matter what your goal is it isn’t too late to get started. You just have to make a plan and execute it. My friend Kristi Mason is 41-years-old, and she will be starting Vet School in the fall. That’s what I am talking about! I am saying that life doesn’t end until God takes your last breath.

Also don’t tell me that you don’t have time! You can always get out of bed earlier, stop watching television, or put the golf clubs down. Get to work! It’s never a matter of time, only priorities. Think about what an awesome message that you are sending your children when you accomplish a lifetime goal at 40-years-old. Talk about inspiring them! I want Rock and Bailey to see their dad going hard in the paint until the day he dies. I want them to learn to do the same!

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2015 is going to be an exciting year for us. We hope that we can help as many people reach their goals as possible. Here are a couple ways that we can help you:

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I am excited to partner on some of my seminars with Coach Don McCauley, Level V Senior International Coach and with Adee and Hayden from Team WAG. Lots of great options so let’s get your facility some education in 2015.

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