I Love My Life and I Wouldn’t Change It!

I Love My Life and I Wouldn’t Change It!

God has blessed me with a set of skills that allows me to affect people in a positive way everyday. I get to make people healthier, I get to help them reach their goals, and I get to help slam bars. This week alone I get to be on my podcast Weightlifting Talk two times where thousands of people tune in to learn about strength and to have a good time. Yesterday I was with Coach Joe Kenn at the Carolina Panthers Stadium. I got to watch him put these phenomenal athletes through their workouts, and I had the privilege to attend a lecture from Coach Kenn. Coach even gave me props in a room full of collegiate and high school strength coaches! While I was there I hung out with the infamous Martin Rooney (Training for Warriors) and my boy Chris “Ox” Mason. I just feel that my whole life has been in preparation for this moment in time. This weekend I am super excited to be helping coach Team MDUSA, the professional weightlifting team. This event takes place at Summer Strong in Columbia, SC, so I will get to coach a sport I love and chill with friends from across the country. I know that Zack Even-Esh, Chad Wesley Smith, Donnie Thompson, and Coach Kenn will all be there, so I am jacked. These guys are not only friends, but they are tops in my industry. I can’t wait to catch some of their lectures.

The point to all of this is to say “be patient”. God is working out His plan perfectly! Sometimes the bad times are to set you up for the great times. I say keep learning, keep growing, and keep slamming bars. I believe that everyone “slams bars” differently. My “slamming bars” is weightlifting and powerlifting, but your’s might be 5Ks, marathons, triathlons, or Highland games. Just keep pushing the limits of your body and mind, pick a career that you love, and I believe that your life will be filled with joy.

Love your life or change it!


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