Growing the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting

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Growing the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting

“Growing the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting” is my favorite topic. I could write about this topic on the daily, but all of you would probably get sick of it. Team Mash Elite has four boys preparing for the 2016 Junior Worlds in Tbilisi, Georgia. I watch these young men push their bodies to the very end each and every day. As a coach, I am doing everything in my power to provide them with:

• Great coaching
• Great facilities
• Proper Nutrition
• Sports Medicine
• Healthy Environment
• Financial Support


I feel like the great coaching is being met. Our team has three International Coaches on staff. Our facilities are good complete with heating and air conditioning to offset the seasons. Our team is given nutrition counseling, and we are working on a supplement sponsor that will be complete within the next two weeks.

We are blessed to have John Davidson, DPT on staff to keep these men and women firing properly. Our environment is perfect for breeding champions. It’s not for everybody, but if you want to be the best, it’s the perfect place.

I am able to provide some financial support, but my goal is to provide more and more. I want these boys and girls to be able to train stress free. I don’t want them to have to work a 40-hour per week job. I have very high expectations for them, and for that to be met they have to be well rested.

Yesterday, I was informed that a few coaches in the U.S. were upset with me. Most people would shrug that off, but I take things personally. I have done my best to help any coach that has ever asked for advice both with coaching and business. Sean Waxman, John Bros, and Greg Everett will all tell you that I am an open book. If you want to know something, I will tell you.

Here’s the deal! I want to change the face of weightlifting in America not just at my gym. If you want things to stay the same, then you should retire. We sit around and talk about what it might take to medal in the Olympics, but no one wants to do anything. When someone does, then everyone gets mad.

This is ridiculous! I’ve got news for you. This sport isn’t about the coaches. It is about the athletes. If you are getting mad that another coach is able to provide better for athletes causing more athletes to want to train at that facility, then you are being a selfish coach. It isn’t about how many International Teams that a coach is picked for. It’s about the performance and character of the athletes, and that is it.
If you are mad at me because athletes are moving in to train with me, let me give you some facts:

• All my Junior athletes came to me with zero promise of a stipend.
• Dylan Cooper has been mine from the beginning
• All of them have improved their totals more than 40 kilos from last year, and some more than 50 kilos, so they are in good hands.

Yeah this is a little bit of a rant, but for U.S. Weightlifting to succeed, this childish behavior has to end. We should all work together to improve this sport. If you want to grow your program, call me and I will give you all the ideas that I can think of. However, if you are going to sit in your gym all day and complain about the success of my gym without doing anything to improve your own, then you need to look yourself in the mirror and check your priorities.


There are many ways that a team can help a coach improve their business. If you guys can learn to pair the two together, then you can provide for your athletes better. Cal Strength was the first. All I did was model after them. It isn’t rocket science. The models are out there. All you have to do is a little research.

I just talked to one of the biggest supporters of the team, Jay Sharpe. It was refreshing to talk to someone in the healthcare industry talking about prevention and ways to help people in a more healthy way. He reminded me that this team is about more than just coaching future Olympians.

Our goal is also to reach out to “at risk” children, and to teach all of the athletes on our team about healthy ways of living. I want my athletes to leave me with a better understanding of:

• Goal setting
• Nutrition
• Mobility
• The Importance of Exercise
• A Strong Mindset

I hope that all the coaches reading this have the same goals. The best advice that I have ever received is to view the world with an abundant mindset. There are plenty of athletes to go around. We can all be a small part of improving Olympic weightlifting in America. We can all help change the lives of the young people that we coach.

If you have a scarcity mindset, you need to change that. It’s not a healthy mindset, and it will keep you bitter and sad your whole life. You will always blame others for the things that upset you. I try to put my focus on helping all the people around me. That type of focus gives me purpose, and I know that God will be glorified with my love for the people around me. I pray that all the coaches upset with me will learn this path, so they too can experience the joy of helping others.

Our team needs the support and partnership from as many of you as possible to make this dream come true. I want so badly to see American weightlifting thrive, to create an “at risk” program that will spread throughout the world, and to simultaneously teach all of my athletes about health, fitness, goal setting, and mindset.

I can only do this with your help. There are many ways that all of you can be a part of this team:

1. Become an affiliate– Our first affiliate ever was Undisputed Strength and Conditioning in Minneapolis, MN. Vinh, Jason, and the team up there is an extension of our team in North Carolina. They coach with us at National meets, and their athletes are a part of our National Teams. We are one big family. For more details about becoming an affiliate email

2. Become a Partner– for more information about that email me personally

3. Donate to the Team– thousands of you guys and gals read these article every day. If all of you donated $1-2 we would be in a much better situation. Click on the link below to donate:

Donate to Team Mash Elite

4. Come to the 3-day Mash Camp July 8th thru the 10th click the link below to find out more:

3-Day Mash Camp

5. Volunteer with fundraising, administration, or simply prayers. If you want to help, email us at:

We have big goals. We get it. We will definitely need all the help that we can get. This thing is bigger than three coaches. We need a team. A massive team! We are going to either do this once and for all, or stop talking about why America is terrible on the international scene. This is a chance for all of us to have a part in this.

Please share this with all of your friends!

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