#GridStyle, Hyperbaric Chambers, & Recovery at Dr. Gray’s

#GridStyle, Hyperbaric Chambers, & Recovery at Dr. Gray’s


A couple of announcements before I tell you about my weekly adventures!

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I am about to tell you the secret as to how I won so many World Championships in Powerlifting. The big secret is that I was smarter than my competitors not always stronger. Yesterday I was at my good friend Dr. Larry Gray’s place, Gray Chiropractic and Sports Associates. When I am competing like I am now, you will find me either training, coaching, with my family, or at Dr. Gray’s. I am super focused and dialed in on all levels, which equals Gold in my experience.

Yesterday I tried out his new Hyperbaric Chamber for the first time. I am basically his guinea pig as usual, which I am ok with. A Hyperbaric Chamber basically introduces a greater amount Oxygen to the body in a pressurized chamber. The pressure forces the Oxygen deeper into the body, and more importantly into the cells for increased recovery and repair. The session resulted in an awesome day of training yesterday. I PRd my Front Squat at 232k/510lbs, and more importantly I performed a met con more easily than ever before. Thank God because conditioning is just as important as strength right now.

I will be spending a lot of time with Dr. Gray over the next year. I will be performing the Hyperbaric Chamber once per week, and visiting another day for preventative treatment with Active Release Technique, Graston, K-Laser Treatments, and normal Adjustments. Dr. Gray is also going to check my blood to see what nutrition and supplementation changes that I need to make. Gray Chiro and Sports Associates is a one-stop shop for me. If you guys are near Winston-Salem, NC check him out www.GrayCSA.com.

You will definitely see him at the Grid matches with me just like when I was powerlifting. If I am competing, Dr. Gray is in my corner. He is my one man Pit Crew. We became so close throughout all of my athletic ventures that he was actually in my wedding, and I consider him one of my best friends. I tell you all of this to show you how important a solid Soft Tissue Practitioner really is. Guys if you want to be awesome at your craft, you must become a Master of the Mundane.

I am turning up the volume week by week with my #GridStyle training. I am continuing to hit PRs while getting better at my conditioning. I absolutely love this training. I feel like an athlete again. I am sprinting, jumping, and lifting. It’s like football all over again. I can’t wait to start training with the team. It will be like Friday and Saturday Night Lights all over again.

Travis Deadlift

Here is what my training looked like last week:

P. Snatch from Block 100/1, 110/1, 90/1 x 3, 95/1, 100/1,105/1,110/1,115k/253lb/1

Met Con 1
Snatch Push Press 70/3, 90/3, 110/3
Pull-ups 5-5-6

Assistance 2
Unilateral Upright Rows 3 sets of 8 with 50lbs

I took it a little easy on this day to recover from my Learn 2 Lift Seminar at the Mash Compound. I did take the opportunity to work on my Snatch and some weak areas.

Clean & Press 85k/187lb/1+5
Clean & Thruster 120/k1&1, 130k/286lb/1+1
Shoulder to Overhead 110/5 in 16 sec and 110/6 in 14.5 sec

I was a little short for time on this day due to Weightlifting Scoop Podcast, but I still managed to work on some movements that are important to me. My overhead is coming along quickly, but still needs some attention. The Strict Press was a 5 Rep max, and it was easy. The Clean & Thruster was the first time trying this exercise. I plan on going over 300# this week as 286lb was really easy. The Shoulder to Overhead was just some practice with multiple reps for speed. All of this was easy. It was just basically practice.

Back Squat 550/1 pause
Front Squat 225/20 in 26.9 sec

Conditioning (50k)
Clean & Press x 5
Toes 2 Bar x 5
Burpees over bar x 5
Deadlift x 5

X 3 Rounds

I was super excited about this day. First the paused high bar back squat was a PR. It was also very easy, but I am learning to leave a little in the tank. Leaving a little in the tank allows me to focus on my training as a whole.

The Front Squat was the best time registered so far for the Carolina Crush. They sent us all testers that we are performing a little at a time. It felt really good to register a top score since I am their master athlete. My goal is to change the way Masters are looked at. If I am beating all the other competitors, that is saying a lot for people my age. I was also able to mix in some light conditioning with Will Hall and Paul Stewart. My conditioning is getting better every day.

Snatch 116k/1 Power
Power Clean & Jerk 135/1
Deadlift Paused 3 sec at knee 625lb x 1
Deadlift 675 x 1
Behind Neck Press 60k/5 x 5

Just worked on strength this day. My deadlift felt really good. Hopefully I will be back in the 700’s in a couple of weeks.

Clean & Push Press 105/1&3, 115/1&3, 120k/1&3
Clean & Push Jerk 110/1&8

Met Con #1
DB Snatch 70lb/6
50ft Shuttle
Clean 100k/220lb x 4
Rest 60sec

DB Snatch 70lb/8
50ft Shuttle
Clean 100k/3
Rest 60 sec
X 2

Met Con #2
Ring Dips 3-4-5
Pull-ups 5
Burpee over Box x 5
Toes 2 Bar x 3
X 3 Rounds

As you can see, I worked my overhead at first, and then I crushed the conditioning. The best part of this is that I did the conditioning on my own. No one was there making me finish. I am learning to push myself in the places that I am not comfortable which is a big step for me.

I just thank God for the opportunity to compete and inspire others. Hopefully God will be brought the Glory for my work because He is the one making all of this possible. I have felt so broken down for so long, and now I feel 25 years old again. God is the only explanation!

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