Get Jacked Week 4

I can honestly say I love teaching this class. Teaching adults to snatch, clean & Jerk, squat, Deadlift, military press, Overhead Squat, and other complex movements has become my passion. My guys are going to quick butt really soon at some local Olympic Weightlifting competitions. Get ready!,,

Get Jacked Week 4

Snatch 90×1
Back Squats 80×2
OH Squats HS
Jerks off Box HS, 80×2

Power Clean & Push Jerk 75×3+1 x 4
Snatch Grip BN Push Press 3 reps x 5
Clean Pulls 100x3x3

Clean & J 90/1+1
Front Squats max 3 sec pause
DL Zercher Squat max 3
Jerk Position Push Presses/5×3

Power Snatch 75x3x5
Push Press HS, 70x3x2
Snatch Pulls from Box 100x3x3

Max Snatch
Max Clean &J
Back Squats max 1
Fat Bar Bench 75x3x3

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