Friday/Saturday – Feb 10/11, 2017

Getting closer and closer to my next Doc appointment and training is becoming more and more fun. Friday was a big day in the gym for a couple of our lifters. It was super fun to watch. I love my team and I love the atmosphere. Hunter Elam had a HUGE day. 95kg snatch, 118 clean and jerk for a 213kg total! She’s a 69kg weightlifter. Tom Suma hit some big lifts as well. I thinkkk he PR’d both his snatch and clean and jerk. I know his 190kg clean and jerk was a PR. I can’t remember what he hit in snatch. It’s hard to keep rack of everyone. John Stang is here for good too, he’s always fun to watch lift. I’m so thankful to train in such an awesome gym with such talented teammates. Being surrounded by such great athletes will make my comeback so much easier and so much more fun!

Anyways, enough praise of my teammates πŸ˜‰ Here’s what my training looked like.


  • No Feet Power Snatches 10ishx3 40kg
  • No feet Power Cleans 5×3 40kg 3×3 45kgs
  • Kang Squats 2x6n40kg 3×6 45kg
    • Kang squats are one of my favorites! I’m really happy with how strong there felt, and I know I keep saying this, but my positions are SO much more comfortable.
  • Back squat 5c5 45kgs
    • These weren’t on the program, I was honestly just playing around and showing off my new positions. hahah. I believe “Hey Don, watch this!!” were my exact words
  • BB hip ups 5×10 55kg
  • weighted Sit-ups 3×15 25lbs +
    • Banded deadbugs 3x10e

Lots of good work was done on Friday πŸ™‚

Saturday- Conditioning/ muscular balance

  • 5000 Row 22:41
  • 5 rounds
    • z carry 20lbs/50lbs
    • lunges down and back
    • KBS x20 50lbs
  • Hanging knee raises side to side 5x8e

Trying to get my work capacity back up a bit, so when I get the green light to really go hard again, I won’t completely die. Even though I still probably will. I could not be more excited.

Days until my next doc apt: 15

Bodyweight: 62.1

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