Friday – December 30th, 2016

Oly Work

  • Kneeling Cleans 10×2 55kg then up to 65X1


  • Kneeling Squats 3×10 105kg
  • 1 leg squats 3×8 35lbs

Body Weight 63.1kg

Days Until I get to Start Walking: 17

Doesn’t look like much, but I was TIRED after this training session. This was the 1st time doing the kneeling squats, and my body just isn’t used to having a load on my back anymore. I actually woke up with some soreness in BOTH quads, which is fantastic, because it means they are both getting at least a little bit of work. My work capacity is withering away at about the same rate as my calf muscle, and that makes me sad, but they’ll both come back!

Taking the next two days off. Happy New Year!! 2016 was awesome, and 2017’s going to be even better!

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