Friday – December 23, 2016

Olympic Work

  • Kneeling clean EMOM – 10×2 50kgs
  • Kneeling Clean grip shugs 5×10 90kgs

Leg Experiment

  • Vertimax Leg “presses” 4×25

Back Bro Session

  • Pullups 6×6
  • Band Lat pulls 3x15e Purple Band + Bent over flys 3×20 2.5kgs
  • Prone I,Y,T,W 3x8e 2.5kgs

Bodyweight 63.0 Kgs

This week I was able to add back in a lot of stuff that I wasn’t able to do while I was in my splint. ( I’m actually thankful for the boot) My work load this week was much higher than it was the previous couple of weeks. So, I was exhausted by Friday. I’ll be taking Christmas Eve and Christmas off from training and will get back at it on Monday. I can’t wait to add in even more stuff and a bit more work next week.

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