Fitness Tips for the 35+ Year Old!

Workouts and Tips for the 35+ Year Old!

I just turned 40 this past March, and I am in better all-around shape than when I was 34. I have several friends and colleagues that can’t say the same. My generation is going down hill quick, so I was lead to write this blog. There is no reason for it! Throw the excuses out the window because I am an excuse Killa! Let me give you a few excuses and my rebuttals..

Excuse #1 I don’t have the time because I work to much to support my family. What good is financial support if you can’t take a walk with your wife of child? How does early onset heart disease help them? What kind of a role model are you being? Are you telling your family all that matters is financial support? Come on now one hour per day is easy to find. Get up earlier, stop watching so much TV, or do it at lunch. I guarantee that I can help you find one hour per day.

Excuse #2 I can’t afford a gym or trainer! I say workout at your home with your own body weight. You don’t have to have fancy machines as a matter of fact machines are crap anyway. Read any of Gray Cook’s(The world famous Doctor of PT and developer of the Functional Movement Screen) articles, and you will see how machines are a part of society that are debilitating to their users. Why would anyone isolate muscles when movement itself never isolates? Our muscles work synergistically with one another to produce movement, and that is the way that we should our body. Not to mention that for $50 on in the store section you can get a consultation answering any and all fitness questions.

Here are some tips:

Tip #1 Workout with younger people! This is what I call the fountain of youth. If I worked out with people my age, then I would be happy with my conditioning. This is a form of being satisfied with mediocrity. I work out with Jon North ( and Team USA Member, Rebecca Gerdon, one of the best female Oly lifters in the country, Greg Nuckols, the best 242lb Powerlifter in the world, and the rest of my MashElite Athletes. I give it my all to stay ahead of them, and some of my lifters like Eze Onwurah is quickly catching me. This is what keeps me young though! Everyone asks me why I don’t compete in the Masters Division in weightlifting and powerlifting where I am guaranteed to win, and I say because I am not done crushing the youngsters. It’s a choice that I have made because “I do what I want”! I am going to compete against the best until they put me into retirement.

Tip #2 Movement is key! The more functional my movement becomes the better I feel. Purchase Gray Cook’s Functional Movement book, and you will be enlightened to a whole new world of fitness. I try to spend each morning on functional movement and practicing barbell movements, and then I go hard in the evenings. This isn’t practical for everyone, but I would recommend getting up earlier to work on movement and mobility. I am considering taking Yoga, but I want a credible teacher.

Tips #3 Become a Recovery Expert! To do this you will need to study diet, sleep, supplementation, and soft tissue work. Find a great Chiropractor! I have been working with since 2004, and I can tell you that this guy is a Boss. Find out any deficiencies that you might have like Vitamin D, Testosterone, Zinc, Magnesium, etc because if you can get help bringing deficiencies normal again, then you have a better chance of recovering and performing relative to you at a younger age. Get your sleep! 7-9 Hours of sleep per night should be mandatory for an active adult. It is all about prioritizing and cutting out all unnecessary parts of your life.

Tip #4 Have Goals! You need to have something that you are working towards. I for one have several fitness goals, and I am going to put them out right now. I plan on competing in one professional powerlifting event per year. I want to medal at a National level Olympic Weightlifting competition like the Nationals or Americans. I want to squat 750+, Bench 420+, Deadlift 750+, Snatch 320+, and Clean & Jerk 400+. When I am done with these, I am going to transition into Crossfit. I am doing this because I can stay competitive while getting into general shape. I have to admit I want to learn the gymnastic moves. I am really excited to be a part of the Attitude Nation Level II Camp in July because I will be learning from Ryan Grady and his friend that is coming. Now my goals are high, so I am not expecting a typical 35+ guy or gal to mimic me. Find your own goals and attack them!

Tip #5 Put God first in your life! This has been the biggest change of my life, and nothing has been the same since. All my friends will attest that everything about me has changed for the better. Pray! Study God’s Word! And learn to Love!

These are just a few of the tips that are keeping me young and active. I just say don’t give up to all the 35+ year old generation. Lead your family by example! To do this you must prioritize your life, and learn to juggle, work, fitness, family time, and more importantly God time. I know that this might sound cliché, but I never found joy in my life until I started working on all areas of my life with God first. If you have any questions contact me on I love all of my MashEliters!

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