February 13, 2017

Today went amazingly well. I came into the gym a little stiff and unsure how the session was going to go, but I ended up hitting some solid numbers. I even power cleaned triple digits for the first time in almost a year. I’m not sure what it is about power cleaning 100kg, but it’s not something I do very often. If the next few weeks go this well, then my next meet is going to be a big one for me and I hopefully will break the 200kg mark in a competition.

Jerk Step from Split: 35×3, 40×3, 40×3

Clean and Jerk from Blocks:

3×3 at 85kg

2×2 at 92kg I actually missed the last one at 92kg behind me in the jerk which has NEVER happened to me. The bar was just sitting where it was supposed to be overhead and it caught me by surprise.

1×2 at 100kg

1×1 at 104kg All of my sets in the clean and jerk felt light today.

No Hook Power Cleans:

2×3 at 78kg

2×3 at 82kg

Singles at 87kg, 92kg, 96kg, and then 100kg

Back Squats up to a 5rm with the 1st rep paused for 3s: 123×5

Back Squat drop sets with no pause: 105×5, 105×10

Deficit Clean Pulls: 5×3 105, 105, 105, 109, 112

Deficit RDL’s: 3×10 with a 40kg kettlebell

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