Dr. Stuart McGill on Stiffness and Neurological Strength

Get ready for some more knowledge bombs from Dr. Stuart McGill. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the previous wisdom from Dr. McGill – go listen to what he said about finding the perfect footwear, focal point, and athlete cues in the deadlift.

I am so grateful and honored that Dr. Stuart McGill allowed me to consult with him while I was researching for Pulling Science. Like I said last time, Dr. McGill is not merely an academic. He has worked with athletes from the highest levels. He has coached champion lifters – taking them from debilitating back pain to setting PRs.

Dr. McGill has an eye for movement and detail. Listen in to this fascinating insight he had while watching the World’s Strongest Man Competition:

It’s amazing how our bodies function – that our neurology is such a massive factor in our performance. Getting this incredible stiffness starts with the setup. And here’s Dr. McGill on his cue of achieving tightness by twisting the bar:

I can personally attest to the power of Dr. McGill’s approach. He recently stopped by my facility and was helping some of our general fitness adults with their deadlifts. The look on their eyes when it all clicked for them – it was amazing!


Master Technique and Programming for the Conventional Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, and Clean Pull

After combing through the research and interviewing the experts, the result is a guide that will refine your technique and boost your pull in a safe and effective manner.

Again, thanks to Dr. McGill. I suggest your next step to hear more from him would be to head over to backfitpro.com.

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