Don McCauley’s Key to Greatness

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I wrote this article over a year ago, but it is so powerful. As most of you know, I totally look up to Don McCauley as a coach. His ability to see the movement and to make corrections is second to none. Not to mention he is my friend. Yah he can get a little cranky on social media, but if you get to know him, he would do anything for his athletes and friends. Check out what he has to say about “The Key to Greatness”:

Yesterday after the morning session of training, the topic of “Greatness” came up. Don mentioned the golfer, Jack Nicklaus. Don told us about the confidence of the great golfer to believe every shot that he took was going in. This is the same confidence that every great athlete must possess.

Michael Jordan made more game winning shots than any other basketball player in history. He also missed the most. It was his confidence to take the shot that has forever labeled him as the greatest of all-time. Michael Jordan never doubted his own ability to make a shot. On the contrary, he was in total disbelief when he missed.

Pyrros Dimas and Ilya Ilyin are two Weightlifters that radiate such confidence. Neither man ever looked scared or doubtful approaching a bar. Actually the look of being shocked, filled their faces during any missed attempt. The battles between Marc Huster and Pyrros Dimas showed two men battling back and forth with world record attempts to determine the winner. Do you really believe either man doubted their ability? No way!

This abundance of confidence in a world filled with potentially great athletes often times is the one determining factor. This ability is a mystery to most coaches. I have personally known people that were born with this confidence, and I have known people that developed it. This trait must be nourished and encouraged. It is the Key!

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