Dare to Inspire with Workout Update

Dare to Inspire with Workout Update

Today someone asked me my age on Facebook because they wanted to show their friends that age is just a number. I was excited because one of my goals is to inspire other to work out and get in shape. I want to encourage people to use their talents to Glorify Christ and help others. Hopefully this go around will be totally about that and nothing else.

My first few workouts have been so much fun. I am actually excited to get in the gym each time. I feel like that I am 21 years old again. I am excited to watch my body transform in looks and performance. Nothing is more fun than to set goals, follow through, and achieve results. Jack King’s Gym is the place that I needed to remember that.


I didn’t really report on my training for yesterday, so I will do that first. Chuck and I got to Jack King’s about 9a. I focused mainly upper body because I was still sore from my crazy workout on Thursday where I performed 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 air squats. I was afraid to snatch, so we just benched first.

I warmed up by performing some DB Clean & Press, and I used the Green band to perform some shoulder distraction work. This with a little jump rope, arm circles, and some Coach Kenn shoulder mobility, and I was ready to perform. Here is what the workout looked like:

Bench Press 335/1 pause, 275/3 closegrip pauses, 295/3 closegrip pauses, and 225/10
Hammer Strength Chest Press 2 plates per side for three sets of 10
DB Tricep Extension 4 sets of 10
T Bar Rows 3 sets of 10

The benches felt really easy, so I am certain that 405 will be there again really soon. In this plan, I am going to do a lot of bodybuilding simply because I want to. I want to put on some lean muscle mass, get super strong, and be athletic, so everything is planned in strategically.

My nutrition is back on point. I have cut out all sweets, and I am not eating out. Today’s meals so far have looked like this:

Meal 1
3 Eggs
One full bowl of Oatmeal with honey and peanut butter
Fish Oil

Meal 2
Lean Pork
Brown Rice

Meal 3
Protein Shake

Today’s workout was simple:

Front Squat 182k/400lb x 1 paused
Snatch 90kx1x4
Stretch and Mobility

I haven’t completed the comeback workout yet, but it’s going to look something like this:

Monday Snatch and back work
Tuesday Squat and Deadlift
Wednesday Clean & Jerk
Thursday Bench Press and upper body
Friday Snatch and Clean & Jerk complexes
Saturday Squat and Deadlift
Sunday Bench Press

I will probably workout every day, and then I will start going to two sessions a few days per week to up the work capacity. I will also be figuring in time with Dr. Gray, personal recovery sessions, and mobility work. I will have to become the master of the mundane for this to work.

I believe that one of my biggest hopes for this comeback is to inspire other 40 year olds to get off the couch. I want them to see that it is never too late to have a goal and achieve it. Too many people my age have basically quit life, and are simply waiting on the reaper. Personally I want to live every second that God allows me to be on this earth, and living, to me, is being extraordinary. Ordinary to me is death!

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