Crystal McCullough – Week 9 Training Days 5 & 6 (Christmas Gains!!)

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope you got lots of gains from Santa!! The training doesn’t stop just because a holiday is upon us.

I just finished up my week 9. End of the week still called for heavy percentage work. The high percentage work was tough after just hitting this on Monday, but it was the second time this week of squatting 280# and 290# for two singles each. Perspective on these numbers is my 1rm late October 2016 was 286# which I hit at Nationals and it was an absolute 1rm in that moment.

Friday 12/23

Back Squat (chose low bar since not specified) 80%x3 (250#), 85%x3 (265#), 90% 2×1 (280#), 93% 2×1 (290#) then 80% (250#) for max reps. Videos show my 93% as well as my max reps at 80%. I hit 10 reps at 250#, which is actually a PR for 10 🙂


Deadlifts 4″ blocks 3rm, then -10% for 3 – not sure what was going on here. Maybe I exerted too much on my squat, but 275 didn’t want to come up initially. And even though the 305# looks fairly easy in the video, I stopped here due to feeling slightly dizzy. Down set ended up being 275 as well.

Accessory work was BB hip thrusts with band around knees and side planks with banded rows. I use an axle bar for my hip thrusts. Tends not to bruise the pelvic bone as much. The side plank/row combo is new for me. I really liked it. Just have to focus on staying in position on the plank.

Saturday 12/24

1rm Bench Press w/Slingshot. It’s been a couple of cycles since I’ve used the ss. I believe my best before this day was 185# with the ss. Today, I hit 200#!! Milestone! Now to hit this with no slingshot!!

Followed this up with heavy percentage work with competition grip bench press (no ss). 85%x3 (148#), 90%x3 (158#), then 90% for AMAP. I hit 3 reps on the AMAP with a distinct pause every rep. Went for the 4th and it just didn’t wanna go up. Consistency in the bench is my focus right now, especially with the higher percentages.

Accessory work was banded pushdowns, preacher curls, and seated rows.

Christmas Day, Morgan and I hit my gym’s version 12 Days of Christmas!! Conditioning is still very important to me even with a powerlifting focus!

Next week, I will show more of what I am doing accessory wise. Accessory work is the foundation to longevity and staying healthy in this sport!!

Time to finish 2016 off strong!!! Here is to the last week of the year! Happy training!!


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