CrossFit Gymnastics’ own Jeff Tucker

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CrossFit Gymnastics’ own Jeff Tucker

I work with the biggest movement snob in Weightlifting, Coach Don McCauley. I have always loved movement, and truthfully movement is what intrigues me the most in athletics. Whether you are talking about Olympic Weightlifting, Football, Soccer, or any other sport, the one common denominator is movement. Perfect movement is the same across the board, and all great athletes share that quality.

You can imagine my pleasant surprise when I interviewed CrossFit Gymnastics’ own Jeff Tucker, and he talked so passionately about proper movement. There were so many similarities between weightlifting and gymnastics. Talking to Coach Tucker was exactly like talking to Coach McCauley.

After talking to Coach Tucker, I can say with 100% honesty that I want to take one of his seminars. I have come to love the sport of CrossFit over the past years, and I know that I could really benefit from learning more from Coach Tucker. We released our podcast with Coach Tucker today on “The Barbell Life”. You guys can check it out here:

“CrossFit Gymnastics’ Own Jeff Tucker”

In this episode, we talk about:

• Programming and progressing with gymnastics
• When and how to incorporate Kipping
• Building a better body with gymnastics
• Can gymnastics benefit weightlifting
• Hallucinating in a Pitch Black Cave

Check it out now:

“CrossFit Gymnastics’ Own Jeff Tucker”

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