Collaboration is Key

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Collaboration is Key

Next week I am taking a trip to Westside Barbell in Columbus, OH. I am excited to visit the historical gym, and see some old friends. I still have two buddies that train at Westside Jason Coker and Dave Hoff. Both are legends, and both have performed incredible feats of strength.

However I am most excited to collaborate with my old friend Louie Simmons. We are going to put our heads together, and hopefully come up with some new ideas for weightlifting in America. A lot of weightlifting coaches in America have zero respect for Louie, and that’s sad on their part.


Several Division I, NFL, and NBA coaches use his principles to strengthen the best athletes in America. By the way these are athletes than dominate the athletes in other countries. However in weightlifting a sport that isn’t competing very well at all, the coaches feel that they don’t have anything to learn from a man that has dedicated his entire life to strength training.

Does that make any sense at all? No is the answer. Why are the weightlifting coaches in America so arrogant, when none of us are producing medals at the Senior International level? You would think that all of us would be starving for new ideas. Well personally I am hungry for new ideas to improve my athletes. If my trip produces one small thing that might give my athletes an advantage, the trip will be worth it.

My good friend Coach Joe Kenn, the Head Strength Coach for the Carolina Panthers, loves Louie. Coach Kenn uses a lot of the principles taught my Westside. Coach Kenn has also won the award of Strength Coach of the Year two times in a row by the NSCA. I mention Coach Kenn because he is arguably the best strength coach in America, and he loves Louie. Let’s try to learn from the best.

Guys and gals don’t be afraid of change. In America we need to embrace change right now. We have a whole new structure to USA Weightlifting. We have Pyrros Dimas coming to work with our teams. That’s awesome! Let’s learn from him! Let’s learn from Louie! Let’s learn from Coach Kenn! Most importantly let’s learn from each other!

I open my doors to all coaches and all athletes. If you can learn something from me, I am happy to have helped. Until you are producing Gold Medalists in the Olympics, you have to stay hungry for knowledge. If you feel like you know everything and aren’t producing any International athletes, you should quit. I will never stop searching. I hope that you won’t either. Our athletes deserve it. They trust us to give them our best.

I will be documenting my trip, so stay tuned. I will also be filming and podcasting, so stay tuned to learn all the things that I am learning. I don’t agree with everything that Louie says about weightlifting, but this collaboration is to educate him more about the sport. It’s also to learn new ideas that might strengthen my athletes. I can’t wait!

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