Coaching Insights with Missy Mitchell-McBeth – The Barbell Life 391

In today’s episode of The Barbell Life Podcast, we talk to Coach Missy Mitchell-McBeth. She gives insight into coaching that most of us will never have because she has coached at the Division I Collegiate level, big time Texas High School level, and now she’s entering the world of education with Powerlift.

Listen in today as we discuss:

  • Insight from a 17-year coaching career
  • Coaching at TCU to Texas High School
  • Now Powerlift Business Development and Education as this is a new possibility for upcoming strength coaches and exercise science majors
  • What are the Non-Negotiable Pieces of Equipment for High School?
  • Non-Negotiable Movements: Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Unilateral
  • Cultivating relationships with athletes from a real coach’s perspective
  • How to lose great strength coaches starters pack
  • How to become an incredible High School Strength Coach
  • How to ensure that your athletes leave with a love for the weight room and exercise
  • Why the High Pull shouldn’t exist?
  • And so much more from an outspoken coach that I have come to respect so highly on Twitter.

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