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RBCP Ultimate Program!

Lately my athletes have collectively had unbelievable results from a new program that we are using. My Mash Mafia on site and online Weightlifting and Powerlifting Teams are both simple killing it. I am inconstant search of new ideas that might give my athletes a slight edge, so like any good coach I have studied programs from all the countries that crush it on an international level. I also know what worked for me as a powerlifter to get freaky strong. As Jon North would say, it’s all about the melting pot.

As a coach, you should never be afraid of trying new programs as long as they make fundamental sense because almost anything work for a short period of time. The body is very adaptive in nature, so a new program acts as a new stimulus causing the body to strengthen in response. This is the main reason that I never use the exact same program twice.

This doesn’t mean that certain principles won’t exist in each program. I am just saying that it will not be exactly the same. Here is what I have gathered so far in my quest for the ultimate program. Russia, Bulgaria, and China all have great aspects to their training, and Powerlifting has a lot to teach weightlifting about getting crazy strong. Most of the people who are coming to me for coaching and programming are seeking this combination.

The Russian program is full of percentages that utilize Prilepin’s Chart as a guide for proper volume ranges. Prilepin’s Chart was designed by the famous Alexander Sergeyevitch Prilepin one of the best Weightlifting Coaches and sports scientists in Russian history. Understanding proper volume can assure the body is getting the proper response from training. My athletes notice an improvement in technique and confidence from the higher volume. Understanding proper volume will also protect the athlete from any undue stress from overtraining.

The Bulgarian team is famous for their grueling daily max sessions. They basically maxed out in the snatch, clean & jerk, and front squat every day and several times per day. I totally agree that the body needs to adapt to handling maximal loads per there is a time and a place. I try to keep maximal attempts at around 10-13 total reps per month. We save most of these attempts for our Max Out Friday sessions which we treat like competition days. The rest of the week is reserved for high volume Russian Training.

China’s system is a little more mysterious than Russia’s or Bulgaria’s, but I love the way that they use a wide variety of assistance work to build the entire body. If you look at their lifter, they all look like bodybuilding tanks. Their structures look totally prepared for the high demands of weightlifting. It only makes sense to strengthen the whole body especially since we are taking a weight from the floor and hurling it above our heads. Every muscle in the body needs to be firing for the weight to be stabilized above our heads. We use pull-ups, push ups, rows, dips, bench press, standing press, curls, and more to strengthen our athletes. Yes, I said curls! If nothing else, the athlete loves looking jacked. Why not let them?
Powerlifting taught me all about getting super strong. Guys like Louie Simmons, Chad Smith, and Dan Green continue to expand that knowledge, and I try to stay on top of it as well. Bands and chains have their place no doubt in the squats and pulls. My athletes are seeing some sick gains in their squats from bands and chains. There is something new that I am working on with bands that seems to be yielding crazy results. When I have finished a full cycle, I will publish the routine for you guys. My thinking is to use the snatch and clean & jerk to perfect movement and technique, and I will use squats, pulls, and presses to getting sick strong. Put the two together, and you get Gainzzzz!!!!

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Knowledge is King!

I Do What I Want Green T

I have spent my whole life under the bar, researching, and trying to figure this thing out that we call “strength”. Now my passion is turned to teaching the world all about the barbell, and all things that go along with the barbell. Thanks to the world of CrossFit, people all over the world want to know all about strength and all of its mysteries.

In today’s world of social media, it is much easier to spread one’s message. Along with my amazing staff at Mash Elite Performance, we now have a Podcast “Barbell Life” where we focus on all things jacked with a family and spiritual focus. I love being a part of it, and I totally feel called to grow this show. Below is the link to the show on If you like what you hear, I would appreciate it if you followed the show.

We also have a YouTube Channel full of inspirational and educational videos focused on weightlifting, powerlifting, mobility, and athletic performance. We strive to add at least three videos per week. I have placed the link below. If you like what you see, I would appreciate it if you would subscribe, like, and comment. I will do my best to answer comments.

I will continue to bring you all as much free content as God will give me energy to produce it. Of course we have online coaching, online team, seminars, apparel, and more that is for purchase. This is the way that we make enough money to fund the free stuff. If you see something that would help you or that you would enjoy, we would appreciate your business. If not, we appreciate your loyalty in trusting us with your barbell knowledge.

Lessons from a Coach V

This weekend at the advice of the Barbell Business Podcast, I am reading The Power of Full Engagement, and my wife is reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Both are great books to improve your life whether you are an athlete or entrepreneur. I happen to be both, so they are super applicable to me. If you are reading my blog, odds are, they are applicable to you. When I am finished with them, I will give you a summary of each.

Today I want to talk about the biggest principle that both books have in common, and that is everyone needs a “Personal Mission Statement”. Who are you? What matters to you? What is your purpose? What principles will you always adhere to? These are questions that you have to ask yourself, and think long and hard about before answering.

The biggest question is what things do you want said in your own eulogy at your funeral with all of your family friends gathered to hear? It’s a tough one, but this will be your legacy. The way people remember you is directly related to how you lived your life. I have thought about this a lot lately, and the main reason that I’m on vacation right now is to figure these things out.

Here is what I have come up with so far. I want to be remembered as someone who loved God, and that every action in my life was a reflection of that love, the way I loved my family, the type of husband, and the type of father that I was. I want my team to say that he was the best coach, but more importantly he loved us. I want my friends and neighbors to say that I was dependable, caring, and loving.

In business I want to be successful because I worked hard, was honest, and delivered innovative services that helped others. I will never compromise my integrity to make money or gain power. I will strive to glorify God in all things that I do including business.

At the end of the day, second only to God, I want my wife to say that I loved her like none other. I want her to know that I provided, but more importantly I want her to know that time with her and my children came before work. God gave Drew to me, and I want to honor Him by loving her until I take my last breath on this earth.

That’s all I have so far, but I’m still working on it. What’s your personal mission statement? I’d love to hear. Maybe you could inspire me. No book on earth is better than the personal stories of other human beings.

I’ve also taken the time to workout everyday at CrossFit Vengeance in Myrtle Beach. First this gym is sick with nice bars, nice bumpers, and great environment. So many athletes will literally take weeks off in the summertime, and for fall athletes that is crazy. You guys have worked all year to prepare for the months of August thru November, and then you chill during the summer. Makes no sense!

Being a champion is an all the time thing! It’s not a sometime thing! The more people that I coach and get to know, the more I realize, why I was able to be the best in the world. I was willing to do the things that others were not. I would never have taken one week off while destroying my body at the beach with terrible food, alcohol, and sun.

If you are passionate about something so much that you love it, then why not love enough to be the best at it? I don’t understand mediocrity. It doesn’t do anyone any good, and it sure doesn’t glorify God. You can take a vacation week as a Deload week, but just don’t stop working at your craft. A week is a long time, and some major detaining can take place. Here is the video of some of my training at CrossFit Vengeance:

Today’s lessons:

1. Write a Personal Mission Statement
2. What would you like said at your funeral? (A little morbid but necessary)
3. Champions don’t take weeks off!
4. Being a Champion is an all the time thing!

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Lessons From Barbell Business

Last week I started listening to the podcast “Barbell Business”. The same guys that host “Barbell Shrugged” are the very ones that star in “Barbell Business”. The show is directed at gym owners and fitness experts, but the show I listened to last week could be applied in the lives of us all. The show was all about time management, and they were referencing a book by Stephen Covey called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I read this book many years ago, but hearing this podcast reminded me about the four quadrants that people spend time in. It was a real eye opener for me, so I wanted to share it with all of you. What you spend your time on is directly correlated with your success. There is no doubt in that statement.

Quadrant I is the urgent and important section. These are the necessity driven activities, and the key action is to manage. These are crises type activities that require your attention now. Some examples of this are deadlines at work, medical emergencies, and pressing problems. This quadrant will demand its own time, but I recommend being proactive to avoid these issues.

Quadrant II is the area that you should spend the most time on. This quadrant is the not urgent but important section. These are quality and personal leadership driven activities and the key action is focus. Some examples of these activities are worship, new opportunities, prevention, relationships, and recreation. Scheduling this time in your daily routine is a must when it comes to personal growth. All people that do things great find time for this quadrant. If you spend most of your life putting out fires, answering emails, or watching television, then you will never find time to grow as a person. This is the same for athletes as well. Great athletes will find time to train, recover, rest, and have fun. All of them will make time for Quadrant II.

Quadrant III is the urgent but not important activities. This quadrant could be labeled deception because most of these activities are draining. Try avoiding these activities or at least don’t get caught up with these activities. Examples of these are most emails, some phone calls, and frequent interruptions. Mr. Covey described these as urgency masquerading as important. Schedule a few minutes out of your day to answer emails, and otherwise avoid getting pulled away from important tasks.

Quadrant IV is the non-urgent and non-important section. This is the section that most of us get caught up in. Some examples of these tasks are some emails, text messages, some phone calls, television, and social media. These are escapist activities that allow us to avoid the important parts of life. People who find themselves dealing with these sorts of activities a majority of the time will never be successful, and will probably always wonder why that they are not. I call this the “zombie section”. People just get caught up like a bug flying towards a light. They can’t control themselves like a mindless zombie. Take control of your life back!

This is just a short summary of the time management section of the book. I recommend reading the book as it might just change your life. I also recommend listening to the “Barbell Business” Podcast. Those guys are awesome to give away the secrets that have made them so wildly successful. You can go to to listen to all of their different podcasts. Hanging around those dudes has been a life changing experience for me, and I think that it will be for you too.

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I Do What I Want

Lessons From a Coach II

This weekend I took a team of Mash Mafia Weightlifting Team Members to the MIA Classic in Miami, FL. First I want to say that I had one of the best weekends ever hanging with my amazing team. I also want to say that we will never miss this meet because it was simply an amazing experience with great lifters, great venue, and even better people. Danny Lopez-Calleja is a great meet promoter, and now an even better friend. My athletes came away with two golds, one silver, two bronze medals, several meet PRs, and three lifetime PRs which is as close to perfect as you are going to get. I learn so many things at every meet that I coach in, and this one was no exception.

Hanging out with my team this weekend, I realized that I am blessed to train some amazing athletes. Everyone that I work with has the dream of being the best athlete and person that they can possibly become. Talking with my two Canadian Freaks, Adee and Hayden, they explained to me that the atmosphere of training in a facility where everyone wants to be the best is one of the most priceless benefits of training with Mash Mafia. I don’t even know how it all happened, but I am so thankful to have a team like this.

My Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Athletic Performance Athletes, and my awesome adult athletes all have that same drive and passion. We also have a unique culture where everyone fits and has their place. We love each other even though we might pick a little. We are all in the trenches together trying to be the best and supporting each other in their quest. It’s a very unique situation that I am so thankful that God has given me this to Sheppard. I want to see all of them succeed, and the cool thing is that they know that.

One of the best things that I learned from Glenn Pendlay is to carry a small journal to all meets. In it, I keep a spot for each lifter with their warm ups, game plan, meet PRs, lifetime PRs, numbers they might need to qualify, and whatever else I need. I also keep notes on each athlete because I am so focused on them that it’s the best time to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. I had several of my online teammates at the MIA Classic which was an invaluable time to coach, correct, and plan for future. Coaching Scott Wickline was a true honor because it was his first one. I was able to help make it a positive experience. He posted a great total and took Bronze in only five months of training.

I also coached my friend, Mike Bledsoe. Most of you know him as the host of Barbell Shrugged which were all in town for the meet. Mike wasn’t planning on doing the meet, but fate had a different idea. After we recorded the best podcast of my life, we were talking I basically convinced Mike to get back on the platform. I turned out to be a great idea because he tied his lifetime meet PR, took Bronze, and got back on the horse after a long lay off from competition. Be one the outlook for one of the greatest podcasts of all-time on!

Meets are also a great time to meet other coaches and athletes. Two of the coaches were National Coaches from Cuba which we all know to be an unbelievable program. These coaches had not only coached great athletes, but they had also competed against some of the most historical athletes of all-time like Naim Suleymanoglu, three time Olympic Gold Medalist. It’s so exciting to swap training ideas with these legends of the game invaluable for the melting pot as Jon North would say. Meets are also a great time to meet other people in the industry that are doing great things. Charlie and Danny from Caffeine and Kilos were onsite repping their amazing lifestyle brand which Mash Mafia 100% backs. I also saw my buddies Morgan King, two-time Olympian Kendrick Farris, and several others.

I also learned to prepare a little better for any and all meet conditions. Miami is a little more humid than my team is used to. I should have been a little more prepared with glycogen sparing and electrolyte replacing drinks. It wasn’t a real problem, but it would have helped. Progenex being onsite really helped with any and all of our nutrition needs. Great company!!!! Their Florida rep Kristian Anderson is knowledgeable, hospitable, and a funny dude.

Lessons Learned:

• Recruit athletes that are like-minded! Don’t add mediocrity to greatness!
• Create a Synergistic Culture! This is critical to the success of any training facility!
• Carry a Competition Journal! Use it to track openers, warm ups, goals, and to keep notes.
• Use the time to network, learn, and make new friends!
• Be prepared for any and all conditions

If you are a coach in any sport, use the competition to learn making the whole team and all of its athletes better. I recommend using the time to also get to know your team better. I used my time to love on my team, get to know them, and to understand their personal goals better. For seminar information, go to! I’ll be in Rhode Island this weekend for a Learn 2 Lift Seminar. To Join the Mash Mafia Online Team, go to

Barbell Shrugging It to Miami!!!


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I’m with my team on the way to the M.I.A. Classic in Miami, FL. We are listening to the Mark Bell episode of the best podcast in America, Barbell Shrugged. It’s absolutely hilarious. Having hung out with these guys several times, it’s like listening to your buddies having a great time. It’s a great way to travel because my whole team is getting a ton of knowledge bombs, so the trip is much more productive.

We have five of our onsite team members competing this weekend in Miami. We are coming off the big Youth Nationals weekend, so it’s like June is the competition month for us. We also have a lot of our online teammates coming to the MIA Classic. I am super excited to coach them in person. I also want to involve them in the family, and get a chance to love on these guys and gals. That is the reason that I do what I do. I want to positively affect as many lives as possible before I die, and that is a big goal that I have for this weekend.

Last weekend at the Youth Nationals, I had the most fun of my coaching career. I watched a team of two with no medals grow to a team of six and five medals in a year’s time. I watched young ones rise to the occasion and medal even though they panicked for the last two months of training. I watched athletes let the pressure get the best of them and still medal. I watched one athlete persevere through injury, have the meet of his life, and almost medal even though he hadn’t trained the last three weeks leading up to the event. One athlete opened with 17 kilos more than they finished with the year before, and ended with a 25 kilo PR from the year before. I watched one battle for a National Championship, but end up with all silvers. One didn’t make it due to injury, but we learned a lot about what he needs in training.

Dylan, Dylan, Hayden, Emily, Matt, and Alex, I am proud of you all. We learned so much as a team about not only weightlifting, but we learned about life. Perseverance, patience, confidence, self-control, mental toughness, and overcoming obstacles were all points addressed. I learned a lot too! No doubt! As a coach, if you don’t care about the mental and spiritual side of your athletes, then consider doing something else.

Spending so much time with my team has caused me to think a lot about the future. I have had so much fun with spending time with my athletes that I was reminded about what I am called to do. I am called to love my athletes, and by living out Col. 3:17 Glorify God. My goal in the next year is to start a non-profit (Open Doors) that will allow kids that normally wouldn’t have the chance access to our athletic performance, weightlifting, and powerlifting programs. We also want to use it as an umbrella for our Lift 4 Lisa “Kill Cancer” Foundation. That along with being the best coach in the world for my online team, athletic performance kids, and my weightlifting/powerlifting teams. We are also going to grow our adult programs, so that our entire Mash Family is taken care of.

I am going to concentrate on perfecting what I already have before taking on other ventures. My athletes and members deserve that from me. That deserve for me to be fully in the game providing them with the best programming and coaching in the world to help them reach whatever goal that they might have. All coaches should have the same goal. Your athletes and members trust you! That alone is worthy of your best.

This weekend I am excited to see all of my friends. The Barbell Shrugged Crew, Caffeine and Kilos, Virus, Broken Chains, CrossFit Soul, Progenex, and my online team will all be there. Yes, I am going to have fun with my friends, but I have so much more planned. I am going to use this time to learn from my brilliant friends about new ways to make people strong and all around better. I am going to learn new ways to make my business better, and hopefully I am going to meet new people that I will call friend. I will also introduce my team to all of the people I know, and with that spread the Barbell Life Community.

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See you in Miami!!!!

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