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12/31/13 Workout, Hints, Insight, & Video


Life Insight:
With 2014 quickly approaching, let’s look at things differently this New Year’s Eve. Let’s set goals, make a plan, and make a commitment to the goals and the plan. Don’t even mention “Resolutions”! Mash Mafia Athletes are great because they think like winners! Winners don’t make “resolutions”!

Training Insight:

When you are more than six weeks out from a meet, focus on positions and strength. When you are within six weeks, focus on the lifts that you are about to perform. One should practice the lifts with precision with “meet like” situations, so that nothing could possibly surprise you during the competition.

Sotts Press from Front Clean Rack Position 3 Reps x 3
Jerk Position Jerks 3×3
Clean Pull, clean, 1 front squat, & 1 jerk up to 80%
Clean Pause at Knee & Jerk HS, then 75/3&1, and 80/2&1 (1 miss)
Clean Pulls 105%/3×3(work to speed DL for PLers) ss Pull-ups/5-8 add weight if possiblex 3
Bentover Rows 8RM, then -10%

Met Con:
12 minute AMRAP of:

75 Double-Unders
15 TTB
15 Power Clean & Push Jerks 105/75#
50 Double-Unders
15 TTB
10 Power Clean & Push Jerks 155/105#
25 Double-Unders
15 TTB
5 Power Clean & Push Jerks 175/125#

Check out one of my eighth grade girls squatting 185lbs:

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Persistence by Brealon Ashworth

Below is a short article that my intern Brealon Ashworth wrote explaining his struggle to become a Mash Elite Intern. This struggle easily applies to all good things in life.

When I first started looking for a Job after college I began emailing smaller colleges in North Carolina. I knew I would probably have to do another internship in order to get the level of experience that many of the collegiate level strength coach jobs require, which turned out to be true. So as I started looking local for job opportunities when I thought to myself, “Why not try Travis Mash?” At this time I was an avid Weightlifting Talk listener, and I knew I liked what he was doing in the private sector with his athletes.
First, I added Travis on Facebook and sent him a message expressing my interest in working with him as an Olympic Weightlifting coach. I waited for more than a week and I didn’t hear back from him. I knew Travis was busy, so I went on the website and found his email address and again expressed my interest in Mash Elite Performance. After another week of no response, I figured it would be a long shot, but I decided to take a trip to Mash and see if Travis was there. When I got there I was greeted by EZE, one of Travis’s coaches. He informed me that he didn’t think that they were hiring but gave me Travis’s card to give him a call. The next day I called Travis and talked to him for maybe 5 minutes about opportunities at Mash Elite. Before the conversation ended he offered me an interview to which I said, “What day is good for you? I know you are busy with Weightlifting Talk and everything at the Attitude Nation.”
I could tell that this shocked him, and he asked how I knew about that stuff. I told him that I listened to Weightlifting Talk and that was “all she wrote.” Travis brought me in for that interview, gave me a second interview with his wife and from there I started the best internship I could possibly have gotten.
The reason I tell this story is to show that being persistent is a great quality to have and that without it I would not be getting the opportunities that I am getting right now. If someone won’t talk to you or acts like they’re too busy, show them that you deserve their time and that you are worth it. I never would have imagined that I would get to meet and be around the people that I have, and it was all because I was persistent.


Follow Brealon @JurassicBarbell to learn more about his times as one of my interns, and to find out what he is learning.

Here is a recent video starring Brealon:

Next year, Learn 2 Lift seminars are scheduled all over the US: Dunmore, PA, Jersey Shore, Miami, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Rhode Island and we are scheduling Minneapolis as we speak.

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Knowledge Nuggets


Last week was an incredibly busy, but awesome week. Wednesday night I hung out with some of Barbell Shrug Team. Then on Thursday morning, the Barbell Shrug Team came to the MashMafia Compound to film an episode of the awesome Barbell Shrug Podcast with me. You can check it out next week on Thursday night, Drew and I made the trip down to Raleigh to hang out with Christmas Abbott, Josh Homes(Christmas’s boyfriend), all the Barbell Shrug Team, and some of Christmas’s friends on her birthday. Friday was a MashMafia only hang out for Coach Brealon Ashworth’s birthday party. I just love my team. Saturday, Drew and I made an appearance at the Camel City CrossFit Grand Opening in Winston-Salem, NC. They are the first MashMafia Weightlifting affiliate, and we are super excited to team up. I also produced two episodes of my own podcast, Mash Mafia Strength on I will always be a part of Weightlifting Talk, but Jon is in the UK until after the first of the year. I decided to take the opportunity to do my own little spin on strength and athletic performance, and bring it to the public.

The purpose of writing about all of this is not to brag about how cool my life is, but I am going to tell you all that I learned. Lately I have had the pleasure of hanging out with some of the coolest people in my industry. When you really enjoy people and care about what they are saying, one of the benefits is learning from them. When I was younger, I wasn’t very good at this at all. I just wanted to talk about myself, and if you are talking, then you aren’t learning. The first night hanging with the Barbell Shrug Crew: Mike, Doug, Chris, and CTP I learned that true success comes from the sharing of ideas. They would tell me what they have going on, and I would tell them my ideas. Instead of keeping great ideas to ourselves, we found out the ideas and people that we had in common, and we found ways to work together. This way of looking at things is not only good for us, but it is awesome for you the reader because more high quality of information is produced in this manner.

During the filming of the Barbell Shrug Podcast, we all talked more about Barbell Life. Barbell Life is what we have all learned from the Barbell, and the common traits of people that embrace the Barbell. It was awesome to see how we all had come full circle in our “Dance with the Barbell”. We had all started certain relationships with the Barbell that had morphed into much healthier relationships that still allowed us set goals, reach goals, and more importantly spread the love. We had all found that we didn’t have to sacrifice relationships for quest in domination of the Barbell.

During my time with Christmas Abbott and her awesome boyfriend Josh Homes, I learned how important the words that come out of my mouth really are. Josh told me how my podcast with the Champ Jon North (!/show/the_jon_north_show) had changed his life. He has learned most of his technique and programming in the sport of Weightlifting from our show, but more importantly our message had forced him to review his life. Jon always says, “Love your life or change it!” This message made Josh take a look at his life, and he is now looking at his future. I will forever take my words more seriously, and I will do my best to influence and encourage people in positive and successful ways.
I also had the chance to produce two episodes of my own Podcast: Mash Mafia Strength on You can check it out at: This podcast will be about Barbell Life, all things strength, athletic performance, and a Godly take on life. I don’t have a lot of equipment, but I believe that it will a great way to tell my story. I hope to encourage people on their passions, and I hope to give people advice that will help them avoid major mistakes. Obviously I hope that the information will also lead to PRs in strength, athleticism, and life. I learned that there are a lot of people out there wanting to learn more about the Barbell, athletic performance, and programming. I also learned that there are a lot of people that want to know how to approach the world of strength. A lot of the questions that people were sending me were about injury prevention and mobility, so I will be using the Mobilitah Moses, Sal Scifo to answer a lot of those questions.

Hanging out with the Mash Mafia Crew for Coach Ashworth’s birthday was another reminder that I am a part of something bigger than me. We have a group of coaches that are set on influencing their community and the world. All of my coaches feel like they are a part of a team that will leave the world a better place. We want to spread our love of the Barbell, our “Love Your Life or Change It” way of thinking, our Black Sheep refusal to go along attitude, and our love for Christ to the world.

Drew and I had a blast at the Camel City CrossFit Grand Opening. Camel City is the first Mash Mafia Weightlifting Affiliate, and we are excited to teach the Barbell movements in their facility. I think that the relationship is going to be awesome. Having our coaches teaching Barbell Movements like Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squats, Bench, and Deadlift within their facility, will give their facility the type of credibility that a lot of CrossFits lack. Their Head Coach Shaun Mabe is determined to provide credible coaching, programming, and the best community around. I can’t wait to grow at his facility together. If you are interested in becoming a Mash Mafia Weightlifting Affiliate, email me at

Take aways:

Listen and empathize to learn

Share common ideas and learn to work together to really change the world

Your “Dance with the Barbell” will bring you full circle

Guard the words that come out of your mouth! You never know who you are influencing

There are a lot of people that want to learn insight to the Barbell

There are a lot of people that want to learn about mobility and injury prevention

I have a crew of Life Changers at Mash!

Teaming up with CrossFits to teach the Barbell movements is a good marriage

Video of some awesome lifting Friday! PR City:

Next year, Learn 2 Lift seminars are scheduled all over the US: Dunmore, PA, Jersey Shore, Miami, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Albuquerque, San Antonio, and we are scheduling Rhode Island as we speak.

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Off the platform: Travis Mash 2013 by Sam Holmes

My friend Sam Holmes is a Mash Mafia Weightlifter, but he is so much more. Sam is a part of Mash! Sam and I have a goal of opening a nonprofit center for kids in need. A place they can learn about working out, but more importantly where they learn about “Life”. We all know how much one can learn from the Barbell, and we want to share that and Christ with young kids that need to hear about the message of “Hope”. If you are interested in partnering, email me at:

Sam wrote a heart warming blog about the incredible year that we’ve experienced at Mash Elite Athletic Performance, Smashed CrossFit, and Mash Mafia Weightlifting and Powerlifting. There should be a lot to learn about the power of simply meeting and getting to know people. My biggest gift is that I love people and their stories. Sam gives us a look at what went on this year. He has given me the honor of ousting it, so here it is:

Off the platform: Travis Mash 2013

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing a lot of cool things in 2013. One of the most awesome things has been seeing my good friend Travis Mash have one of the best years of his career.

The truth is, Travis Mash is a great man. Anyone who’s close to Travis knows this. But now people all over the country, even internationally, are beginning to discover how great he is.

In February, on a trip to a Perform Better seminar in Charlotte, Travis took a few of us Muscle Driver USA to watch the weightlifting team’s last Max Out session before the Arnold. That night Travis officially met Jon North and the rest of the team. Jon took us all out to dinner, and I could tell something special was forming right before my eyes. Now would be an appropriate place to say, “And the rest is history.” But let’s see how this panned out.

Jon invited Travis to be a guest host on his podcast “Weightlifting Talk” shortly after, and then came to train at Mash Elite during his comeback from injury after the 2013 Arnold. The ball kept rolling and Travis became the co-host of Weightlifting Talk which is live twice a week to over 10 thousand listeners.

More and more opportunities began to present themselves as Travis grew his relationship with the black sheep of the Attitude Nation. Multiple people have contacted Travis about internships as a result of listening to the podcast. Travis began to help Jon with his level 2 seminars and now has people from all over the country reaching out to him to do seminars at their gym or box.

And while things off the platform were going well, Travis was also having an amazing year on the platform as well. At one point Travis was regularly snatching over 120k and clean and jerking over 150k. His phrase “I do what I want” was being lived out on a daily basis for sure, and a shirt with the slogan was made and sold out multiple times over. Athletes of the “Mash Mafia” began to make huge leaps in their development as a result of both Travis’ coaching as well as his performance in the gym.

We haven’t even delved into Travis’s coaching yet. He coached two athletes from scratch to making it onto a high level weightlifting team (one of which being team MDUSA).Throughout 2013 Travis has been recruited to help coach athletes at meets from qualifying meets to this years American Open. He helped coach one lifter to a medal in his first national meet. He was also invited to guest commentate the 94kg A session at the American Open. During his time at the American Open he met Mike Bledsoe from Barbell Shrugged podcast which led to the team coming to Mash Elite to film an episode of “Barbell Shrugged”.

What does all of is mean? What’s the point of me sharing my perspective on this? Well, it’s because I believe there is a principle behind why this happened. First of all, it was meant to be. But it also happened because Travis is who he is. His faith in Christ has changed his whole perspective on life. So because of his character development and focus on his faith, Travis is someone who people are drawn to. So it’s no wonder why these connections have developed into a great 2013. There’s no telling what I’ll be writing in 2014.

If you get a chance, check out Sam on Twitter @holmesstrong and read his blog

Next year, Learn 2 Lift seminars are scheduled all over the US: Dunmore, PA, Jersey Shore, Miami, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Albuquerque, San Antonio, and we are scheduling Rhode Island as we speak.

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Great time hanging out with Christmas and Josh last night!


Getting to Know Christmas Abbott! Knowledge!


​Last time I talked about Barbell Shrugged’s Mike Bledsoe. We learned about his philosophy on Empathy and Listening to others. We also learned his “45 Minutes to tell your story” way of looking at things. Today I want to tell you all what I learned from my time with Christmas Abbott. First in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, Christmas is a CrossFit competitor, owner of CrossFit Invoke, Nationally Ranked Olympic Weightlifter, first female Pit Crew Member in NASCAR, and immensely popular Sports Model. I’m sure I missed a lot, but these are some of her accomplishments off the top of my head.
​I was excited for Christmas to be on Weightlfting Talk(on with Jon North and me. I was expecting an edgy but exciting show, but what I got was beyond my imagination. Christmas is known for being a little edgy and daring with her tattoos, guns, and racing, and that was what I was expecting. I ended up realizing that she is America’s sweet heart. She is so humble and kind! She totally loves her boyfriend Josh, who needs to pop the question, and she genuinely cares about all the people around her. Her philosophies on life are both inspiring and unique. However, none of this was more exciting than the fact that she is open about her relationship with Christ. I found myself talking to this celebrity about the saving grace of Christ. I was shocked! It was a true blessing, and I believe that her open love for our God was totally glorifying to His kingdom.
​Besides her love for God, Christmas has some awesome ways of looking at life. First we were talking about her tattoos, and she explained that one of them says, “Not all that run are lost.” We asked her to explain, and she told us that people sometimes criticized how busy she was becoming. They would tell her that she must be lost in such a big world of traveling, competing, modeling, and working. She explained that she had never been more grounded, and that she feels the most solid when she is super busy. She looks at her life on earth with a short window of time, and she has a lot of goals to accomplish. She told us that people tell her that she should focus on just a few things, and then she made the quote of the century, “Why can’t I have it all?” She said that she refuses to limit herself. I love it! People need to learn from this girl. Your time on earth is short, so why not leave it a little bit better than you found it.
​The most inspiring things that I learned about Christmas was that she was never an athlete growing up. She was a legit bad girl! As she put it, “I was living on the other side of the tracks.” She grew up smoking and drinking, and was simply on the constant lookout for trouble. Then when she was 24 she found CrossFit and stopped smoking. She said that one of her greatest accomplishments was inspiring her mother to quit smoking. After finding CrossFit, Christmas realized that the sky was the limit. She said that she felt like she started a little late, so she was going to spend the rest of her life making up for it. She realized that she was in control of her body. She learned that she would get out of her training whatever she put into it. She started looking at her whole life the same way. Now she is without doubt one of the most famous CrossFitters in the world. She has also gone on to make history by becoming the first female NASCAR Pit Crew Member. I find her life to be so inspiring. Guys it is never too late to become great! It is never too late to inspire! It is never too late to be successful. It is never too late to leave this world better than you found it!
​I am supposed to be on the Barbell Shrugged Podcast with Christmas and the Bledsoe Crew next week. If so, I am the most excited about getting to know Mike and Christmas even more. Their philosophies and outlooks are more than inspiring! They are life altering! To learn more about Christmas, go to:

Facebook- ChristmasAbbottFanPage

Keep checking for the podcast with Chistmas and hopefully me. I will be reliving the memories of the American Open for the rest of my life, and I will forever be altered by the thoughts and words of Mike and Christmas. I thank them both for doing what they do, and I encourage them both to continue fighting the good fight.

I have Learn 2 Lift seminars coming up in: Albuquerque, Myrtle Beach, Jersey Shore, Orlando, Miami, Charlotte, and Scranton, PA, so come out and learn to Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, and Deadlift!

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Jared Enderton Highlights


​Yesterday on Weightlifting Talk, Jon and I had Nationally Ranked Weightlifter Jared Enderton on the show. This guy is the best example of melting pot that I have ever witnessed. He has personally worked with Steve Gough in Montana, Cal Strength in the glory days, Average Broz’s in Las Vegas, and the Olympic Training Center. I was more interested in what was going on at the OTC now. Coach Zygmunt has an awesome philosophy for weightlifting. He takes a very comprehensive approach developing the entire structure of the lifter.

​In this article, I am going to give you some common themes that were present in all the camps. These are cues and programming points that are universal to all the great coaches. They are as follows:

• Be aggressive on all stages of the pull

• Be fearless! If you are not fearless now, learn to be fearless in the future.

• Use the Back Squat and Front Squat to get strong.

• Don’t be satisfied with mediocre weights

• Olympic weightlifting requires a lot of sessions per day and a lot of hard work per session

• If you say that you want to be an Olympian, be prepared to do what that takes: years of not missing sessions, eating right, sleeping right, missing family events, not partying, and a daily fearless approach to the bar.

​Jared talked highly of Coach Zygmunt at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Personally, I learned the most from Jared’s explanation of the program at the OTC. Here are some of those highlights:

• If you have a weakness, attack that weakness before moving on. For example, if you have a bad rack position in the Clean, attack it with paused front squats keeping all the hand on the bar, Sotts Press from the front rack position, and cleans keeping the hook grip. When the position is fixed, then go heay.

• Get strong in the entire movement of the lifts. They would do complexes mainly until the last 21 days before a competition.

• This goes back to point one, but if you can’t do a Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Sotts Press heavy without altering your position, then focus on the exercise. Jared said that if you can’t perform this exercise properly, you are leaving kilos on the platform.

• Another point was that instead of coaches complaining about athletes holding their position during the pull, get their posterior chain strong. Keeping the weights in tight is a difficult thing and requires a lot of strength.

• I also loved the part about Back Squatting up to a heavy single before Cleaning or Snatching to get all the fibers recruited.

​Anyway, if I were you, I would go back and listen to the episode ( ).

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