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Eat What You Want, Lift What You Want

Today at 5P, we are dropping the all new “Eat What You Want, Lift What You Want” workout and nutrition program!!! Below is the story of Adee Zukier, the person who inspired it all. Sign up for the newsletter to get all the details.

My name is Adee Zukier. I am a 63kg/138.6lb weightlifter (weighing in daily within 1kg of my weight category). I eat ice-cream every day, and enjoy the occasional slices of pizza. I squat 315lbs snatch 176lbs and clean and jerk 220lbs. I’m not sure about my percentage of body fat but the pictures can speak for themselves. #comeatmebro

Adee 1



In order to put this story into perspective I may have to go back and start this from the true beginning. 16 year old me would eat 1 to 2 meals a day. My go-to foods were hummus (the entire tub, usually in one sitting), Cool Ranch Doritos, and Jamocha Almond Fudge Ice cream (Yumm). I was always athletic in the sense that I played sports and enjoyed being active but once I got into high school, I became more interested in gossip then team sports, I lost control of my health when it came to my diet.

My mother sent me to a nutritionist who immediately made me get on the scale. I weighed in at a whopping 187lbs, let me remind you I was 16 years old and 5’6″. I knew I needed to change. I began changing my eating habits drastically by tracking my carbs, fruit, protein, and fat intake with the help of a nutritionist (I was counting my macros and didn’t even know it!). I avoided processed sugar, any “junk food”, and became obsessive about following my meal plan. 5 months later I had lost 50lbs and could only attribute the loss to my diet as I had barely exercised. Feeling confident and ready to take on the world I headed to University with new found nutrition skills and a slimmed down physique.


In 2008, my first year of University, I began hitting the gym. I was a typical girl who ran on the treadmill and feared the weight section where all the guys grunted and groaned while slamming down protein shakes. In retrospect I am not sure if it was the “getting bulky” I was afraid of or looking silly doing something improperly. I vividly remember seeing this woman named Greta doing back squats with the “big” plates on each side as I stood by watching in awe. She was strong, beautiful, and full of confidence. I fell in love with the barbell that day.

In the initial phase of training I tried to learn as much as possible from whoever would provide me with information. One recurring topic was that I needed to gain weight in order to get stronger. Apparently I was watching my diet “too” closely. Words like GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) were being thrown around along with “strength now, aesthetics later.” I couldn’t understand after trying so hard to get my diet in check why I would need to get fat in order to get strong. Was there no other way? For the next 6 years I experimented with my eating and my training. Back-Bi, Chest-Tri, and Shoulders-Legs paired with the See-Food diet turned into CrossFit/Paleo which then turned into Weightlifting while counting macros.

The unique aspect of Weightlifting is that you need to maintain a weight-class. In the weightlifting world there is no real consensus on what diet works best. Starting out I fit perfectly in the 63kg weight class but I am 5’6″ and a half making me “too tall” to be a 63. My coach was adamant that I move up a weight class, gain strength, and be more successful as a 69kg lifter. Again I was hearing this get big and get strong mentality. Can increased size help increase strength? Yes. Is it optimal? No.

Being an extremely loyal and trusting athlete I tried it. 1 year later I went from around 140 lbs to 157 lbs. It would be pretty amazing if I could say that I was rock solid and had gained 10kg on each of my lifts but I was really only marginally stronger and a lot “puffier”. I know as an athlete I should not care too much about how I look but I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I am a firm believer that being confident and comfortable will add kilos to the bar, I call it “style points”. You feel good, look good, and therefore will perform well.

May 9, 2012 I headed to North Carolina to meet my now Coach, mentor, and good friend Travis Mash. I had no idea how amazing and influential our relationship would end up being. Travis helped me realize that I needed to #dowhatiwant so I once again began to track my macronutrients (with the help of John Hollywood). This means every day I knew how many grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein I needed for optimal performance. Every week my macros would get adjusted based on weekly weight-loss, mood, energy levels in the gym, and over all body composition changes. This meant I could literally #eatwhatiwant and no longer had to be too concerned with “eating clean” or drinking gallons of milk. As long as it fit my macros of course (IIFYM).

Adee Food 2

Adee Food

Slowly, slowly, my body started to change. What was most surprising is that I felt stronger then ever! Who knew that having the right ratio of macronutrients could produce greater performance? 🙂 I can go through the science as to why you need certain amounts of each macronutrient but I have written a post about that before.


But wait, hold on, one thing needs to be said. My diet was under complete control. I knew what I was eating daily and could then adjust it to optimize my performance in the gym. However, another essential piece of the puzzle was Travis. Travis completely understood my goals and took the time to understand my weaknesses as a weightlifter. His program changed me as an athlete not only physically but mentally. Over the 4 months I spent with Travis I became stronger then ever and gained a new understanding of what I was capable of. Pairing the nutrition with the programming led me to see successes that I had not seen in my previous 2 years of weightlifting.

4 Month PR’s – Body Weight at the start 156lbs at the end 137lbs

Squat – 115kgs/253lbs –> 143kgs/315lbs
Clean and Jerk – 97kgs/214lbs –> 100kg/220lbs
Snatch – 77kgs/170lbs –> 80kgs/176lbs
Jerk from Rack – 100kg/220lbs –> 100kg x 2 and 102kg/225lb

To Find Out More about the Program, sign up for the Newsletter! The Program drops Sunday September 7th at 5p! Whether you are into general fitness, weight loss, at home workouts, weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, or whatever, this program is for you!

Coaching the Person and not the Group! MDUSA

Starting with MDUSA has been amazing so far. I have two USA Level V coaches to learn from, and I have some of the best athletes in the world to work with. As the new coach on the block, it has been my mission to see where I fit. Here is where I fit so far:

1. Working with people who are injured like Rebecca and now Mike.
2. Motivation and instigating competition! Always a specialty!
3. Assisting Don with technique.

The third one has been the challenge because I want to make sure that I am using the same cues as Don. I am constantly listening and asking questions. Consistency is the key for any team to flourish. Tom made a comment yesterday that really made me feel like I was on the right track. He told me that he knew I was going to make it at MDUSA when I ran across the room to ask Don why he had given a certain cue to Rachael. I guess that I earned his trust when he saw that I was still so eager to learn. With a coach coming in that has already coached and competed at a high level, there is always a concern that you are bringing in a know-it-all. Well this coach is only getting started.

If you are a coach that doesn’t think there are things to learn from others, I suggest finding a different career path. I will never be done adding to my tool box. I have learned a lot from 22 year old Greg Nuckols because that kid is legit. I am not going to let my pride keep me from improving because that is cheating my athletes.

Another mission that I have had is to learn everyone’s personality, and what makes them tick. I am more of a positive uplifting coach, but some people need a little more and some a little less. Don is helping with this as well. Jared Fleming likes to get jacked and attack workouts. James is a little more reserved at times, but will get crazy at times. Tom is a little more chill. Rebecca likes to dance. Sean is a killer!!! I love it! Travis is calculated until it’s time to go heavy, and then it’s time to get loose!

Best group of athletes ever! I am so blessed! I won’t stop until I find out exactly what makes each of them tick. I want to stop talking about making an Olympic Team, and start talking about medals. Some of these guys and gals have that potential in my opinion. It is simply time for a PARADIGM SHIFT! I am ready to make that Shift!

Here is a video showing some of their crazy lifts from yesterday! Enjoy it and support MDUSA as they support this team:

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Black Sheep Leadership

All of us at some form or another are leaders whether it’s in our business, on the athletic field, or in our homes. Leadership is a skill that should be studied and mastered. I look back at my time on the football field in high school, and I cringe at the thought of my lack of leadership. All I cared about was my own glory. I didn’t stop to think that I had a chance to influence lives. I had a chance to motivate young men to be better than they thought possible. If I had taken the time to motivate and lead, I could have changed the way these young men looked at life.

In my role as a coach of over 200 people both at the Mash Mafia Facility and over the web, I try to use my influence and leadership to motivate my athletes to become better people in general. I do the same with my employees and partners. At the end of the day, my success is riding on the success of my athletes, employees, and partners. If they fail, I do too, and I refuse to let that happen.

Lately, I have spent a lot of time improving my leadership ability. One of the books that I am reading right now is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. I am on my second time through the book, and I keep finding nuggets. Winning friends is an invaluable trait that all great business owners and athletic leaders possess. If people like you, they will follow you to the end.

My friend KJ is now the CEO of his own company in Dallas, TX. He is the greatest leader that I have ever known. He is also the original black sheep. He never went along with the grain. The secret to his success is his ability to make people like him, and his ability to make people believe that they are capable of greatness. This is rule #1! Find what people are good at, and make them the best at it! Always focus on what people are doing well, and then give them instructions on what they could do better. No one wants to constantly hear about what they are doing poorly. We all inherently want approval from others, so as leaders give people what they want.

KJ could convince me to do just about anything because he made me believe that I was the best at it. This goes for athletes as well as business. For example, if you are a quarterback, and your receiver is dropping passes try this. Instead of telling him how terrible of a receiver he is, first comment on the impressive route that he just ran. Then explain if he works at watching the ball into his hands, he will be an all-state receiver for sure.

Rule # 2 is “no one wins an argument”. When you hear someone make a statement that you know to be false think before you act. Does it really matter? Are you wanting to correct the person to make yourself feel important at the cost of making the person feel small? When you argue, no one wins, ever! If you win, the person that you debated leaves thinking that you are a no it all busy body. If you lose, well you just lost. Probably you will both leave still believing that the other person was wrong, so you just wasted the entire time and now someone is upset.

This rule is one that I am working on constantly. For some reason, I have had an issue with letting people simply make statements that I knew to be untrue. When I think about it, I am correcting the person to affirm that fact that I am smart. However, I am doing this at the cost of hurting someone else’s feelings, and that isn’t good for anybody. If you can let little things go, then do it.

Rule # 3 when major changes need to be made, allow your team to make them. Change is difficult for a lot of people. The easiest way to get people’s buy in is to let them make the decision to change. Most people are smart. When clear cut facts are laid out and possible solutions are on the table, most people can recognize the correct solutions. Your job is to lead them down the right path.

When a team makes the decision together, there is a collective approach to implementing the strategy. If you are trying to lead your team or company like a dictator, don’t be upset when the revolution begins. Most people are black sheep in nature. Eventually their white fluff will begin to darken, so I say throw on the dirt. Let them make decisions that you have educated them on.

My friend KJ is the very one that turned me into a black sheep, and now I am trying to do it to the world. People want a sense of worth, a purpose, and some meaning. No one wants to come to work and blindly follow the rules of some crazy dictator. As leaders, our job is to bring the best out of people. Help your team find their inner greatness.

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Knowledge is King!

I Do What I Want Green T

I have spent my whole life under the bar, researching, and trying to figure this thing out that we call “strength”. Now my passion is turned to teaching the world all about the barbell, and all things that go along with the barbell. Thanks to the world of CrossFit, people all over the world want to know all about strength and all of its mysteries.

In today’s world of social media, it is much easier to spread one’s message. Along with my amazing staff at Mash Elite Performance, we now have a Podcast “Barbell Life” where we focus on all things jacked with a family and spiritual focus. I love being a part of it, and I totally feel called to grow this show. Below is the link to the show on If you like what you hear, I would appreciate it if you followed the show.

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I will continue to bring you all as much free content as God will give me energy to produce it. Of course we have online coaching, online team, seminars, apparel, and more that is for purchase. This is the way that we make enough money to fund the free stuff. If you see something that would help you or that you would enjoy, we would appreciate your business. If not, we appreciate your loyalty in trusting us with your barbell knowledge.

Lessons from a Coach V

This weekend at the advice of the Barbell Business Podcast, I am reading The Power of Full Engagement, and my wife is reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Both are great books to improve your life whether you are an athlete or entrepreneur. I happen to be both, so they are super applicable to me. If you are reading my blog, odds are, they are applicable to you. When I am finished with them, I will give you a summary of each.

Today I want to talk about the biggest principle that both books have in common, and that is everyone needs a “Personal Mission Statement”. Who are you? What matters to you? What is your purpose? What principles will you always adhere to? These are questions that you have to ask yourself, and think long and hard about before answering.

The biggest question is what things do you want said in your own eulogy at your funeral with all of your family friends gathered to hear? It’s a tough one, but this will be your legacy. The way people remember you is directly related to how you lived your life. I have thought about this a lot lately, and the main reason that I’m on vacation right now is to figure these things out.

Here is what I have come up with so far. I want to be remembered as someone who loved God, and that every action in my life was a reflection of that love, the way I loved my family, the type of husband, and the type of father that I was. I want my team to say that he was the best coach, but more importantly he loved us. I want my friends and neighbors to say that I was dependable, caring, and loving.

In business I want to be successful because I worked hard, was honest, and delivered innovative services that helped others. I will never compromise my integrity to make money or gain power. I will strive to glorify God in all things that I do including business.

At the end of the day, second only to God, I want my wife to say that I loved her like none other. I want her to know that I provided, but more importantly I want her to know that time with her and my children came before work. God gave Drew to me, and I want to honor Him by loving her until I take my last breath on this earth.

That’s all I have so far, but I’m still working on it. What’s your personal mission statement? I’d love to hear. Maybe you could inspire me. No book on earth is better than the personal stories of other human beings.

I’ve also taken the time to workout everyday at CrossFit Vengeance in Myrtle Beach. First this gym is sick with nice bars, nice bumpers, and great environment. So many athletes will literally take weeks off in the summertime, and for fall athletes that is crazy. You guys have worked all year to prepare for the months of August thru November, and then you chill during the summer. Makes no sense!

Being a champion is an all the time thing! It’s not a sometime thing! The more people that I coach and get to know, the more I realize, why I was able to be the best in the world. I was willing to do the things that others were not. I would never have taken one week off while destroying my body at the beach with terrible food, alcohol, and sun.

If you are passionate about something so much that you love it, then why not love enough to be the best at it? I don’t understand mediocrity. It doesn’t do anyone any good, and it sure doesn’t glorify God. You can take a vacation week as a Deload week, but just don’t stop working at your craft. A week is a long time, and some major detaining can take place. Here is the video of some of my training at CrossFit Vengeance:

Today’s lessons:

1. Write a Personal Mission Statement
2. What would you like said at your funeral? (A little morbid but necessary)
3. Champions don’t take weeks off!
4. Being a Champion is an all the time thing!

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Lessons From Barbell Business

Last week I started listening to the podcast “Barbell Business”. The same guys that host “Barbell Shrugged” are the very ones that star in “Barbell Business”. The show is directed at gym owners and fitness experts, but the show I listened to last week could be applied in the lives of us all. The show was all about time management, and they were referencing a book by Stephen Covey called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I read this book many years ago, but hearing this podcast reminded me about the four quadrants that people spend time in. It was a real eye opener for me, so I wanted to share it with all of you. What you spend your time on is directly correlated with your success. There is no doubt in that statement.

Quadrant I is the urgent and important section. These are the necessity driven activities, and the key action is to manage. These are crises type activities that require your attention now. Some examples of this are deadlines at work, medical emergencies, and pressing problems. This quadrant will demand its own time, but I recommend being proactive to avoid these issues.

Quadrant II is the area that you should spend the most time on. This quadrant is the not urgent but important section. These are quality and personal leadership driven activities and the key action is focus. Some examples of these activities are worship, new opportunities, prevention, relationships, and recreation. Scheduling this time in your daily routine is a must when it comes to personal growth. All people that do things great find time for this quadrant. If you spend most of your life putting out fires, answering emails, or watching television, then you will never find time to grow as a person. This is the same for athletes as well. Great athletes will find time to train, recover, rest, and have fun. All of them will make time for Quadrant II.

Quadrant III is the urgent but not important activities. This quadrant could be labeled deception because most of these activities are draining. Try avoiding these activities or at least don’t get caught up with these activities. Examples of these are most emails, some phone calls, and frequent interruptions. Mr. Covey described these as urgency masquerading as important. Schedule a few minutes out of your day to answer emails, and otherwise avoid getting pulled away from important tasks.

Quadrant IV is the non-urgent and non-important section. This is the section that most of us get caught up in. Some examples of these tasks are some emails, text messages, some phone calls, television, and social media. These are escapist activities that allow us to avoid the important parts of life. People who find themselves dealing with these sorts of activities a majority of the time will never be successful, and will probably always wonder why that they are not. I call this the “zombie section”. People just get caught up like a bug flying towards a light. They can’t control themselves like a mindless zombie. Take control of your life back!

This is just a short summary of the time management section of the book. I recommend reading the book as it might just change your life. I also recommend listening to the “Barbell Business” Podcast. Those guys are awesome to give away the secrets that have made them so wildly successful. You can go to to listen to all of their different podcasts. Hanging around those dudes has been a life changing experience for me, and I think that it will be for you too.

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I Do What I Want

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