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Wednesday – Feb 15th, 2017

Week 11 Post Ankle Surgery.

Totally forgot about the 1st half of the week. So, here is all is. Ankle is feeling good, I’m moving well, and I’m having fun and keeping a positive attitude during training. 🙂 I’ll keep everything short and sweet since I’m writing out three whole days.


  • No Feet Power Cleans From high blocks 10×3 45kg
  • 1 leg squats 5×10
  • Kang Squats 3×6 50kg
  • Pullups up to 1RM at +60lbs then 1×5 +25lbs and 3×6 +10lbs
  • Inverted Row 5×10 +
    • DB Row 5x8e 60lbs
  • Hyper Extensions 3×8 15kg +
    • GHD Bat Wing Rows 3×10 25lbs +
    • KB Upright Row 3×10 40lbs
  • Row 5x500m


  • Goblet Squat 5×10 50lbs +
    • KB Sumo DL 5×10 50lbs
  • OHS every rep paused 3×5 55kg, 1×5 60kg
    • Heaviest I’ve done for ANYTHING thus far 🙂
  • Bench 3×10 55kg, 3×6 60kg
  • DB Pushups 5×10 +
    • Tricep Ext 5×10 +
    • Curls 5×10
  • Sit-ups 3×15 25lbs +
    • Banded Dead bugs


Wednesday’s are my day that are ALMOST like an actual day of training. So Wednesday’s are pretty cool, and this week Don let me know a bit heavier than scheduled. YESSS.

  • Front Squats 2×10 45kg, 3×10 50kg
  • High Hang Power Snatches 3×3 45kg 5×3 50kg
  • Clean Deadlifts 6×5 70kg
  • Snatch Shrugs 5×10 100kg
  • Bent over Snatch shrugs 5×10 45kg
  • Snatch Grip RDL 5×8 65kg +
    • 1 Leg RDL’s 5x10e 50lbs

Days Until my next Doc Apt: 12

Bodyweight: 61.8


Friday/Saturday – Feb 10/11, 2017

Getting closer and closer to my next Doc appointment and training is becoming more and more fun. Friday was a big day in the gym for a couple of our lifters. It was super fun to watch. I love my team and I love the atmosphere. Hunter Elam had a HUGE day. 95kg snatch, 118 clean and jerk for a 213kg total! She’s a 69kg weightlifter. Tom Suma hit some big lifts as well. I thinkkk he PR’d both his snatch and clean and jerk. I know his 190kg clean and jerk was a PR. I can’t remember what he hit in snatch. It’s hard to keep rack of everyone. John Stang is here for good too, he’s always fun to watch lift. I’m so thankful to train in such an awesome gym with such talented teammates. Being surrounded by such great athletes will make my comeback so much easier and so much more fun!

Anyways, enough praise of my teammates 😉 Here’s what my training looked like.


  • No Feet Power Snatches 10ishx3 40kg
  • No feet Power Cleans 5×3 40kg 3×3 45kgs
  • Kang Squats 2x6n40kg 3×6 45kg
    • Kang squats are one of my favorites! I’m really happy with how strong there felt, and I know I keep saying this, but my positions are SO much more comfortable.
  • Back squat 5c5 45kgs
    • These weren’t on the program, I was honestly just playing around and showing off my new positions. hahah. I believe “Hey Don, watch this!!” were my exact words
  • BB hip ups 5×10 55kg
  • weighted Sit-ups 3×15 25lbs +
    • Banded deadbugs 3x10e

Lots of good work was done on Friday 🙂

Saturday- Conditioning/ muscular balance

  • 5000 Row 22:41
  • 5 rounds
    • z carry 20lbs/50lbs
    • lunges down and back
    • KBS x20 50lbs
  • Hanging knee raises side to side 5x8e

Trying to get my work capacity back up a bit, so when I get the green light to really go hard again, I won’t completely die. Even though I still probably will. I could not be more excited.

Days until my next doc apt: 15

Bodyweight: 62.1

Thursday – Feb 9th, 2016

Week 10 Post Ankle Surgery

It was definitely a Thursday. Gym was pretty empty, and the people who did come train were quick in and quick out. I’m pretty sure this is a result of the fact that many of them are programmed to get to go heavy for Max Out Friday. That being said, I didn’t do too much, and didn’t really feel as though I needed to do much either. Sometimes it’s good to have a down day.

  • Push Press 5×5 40kgs
    • This is the 1st time adding push presses back in. Although I did them lighter than I’ve been doing my strict presses, it was nice to feel semi explosive.
  • Presses in the split position 5×5 40kgs
  • Hyper Extensions 3×10+10s hold +
    • hip extensions 3×10

That’s it, nice quick session in the gym.

Days until my next doc appointment: 19

Bodyweight: 62.2


Wednesday – Feb 8th, 2017

Week 10 Post Ankle Surgery.

Today was almost like real life training. A really light version of it anyways. Added in deadlifts for the 1st time since my surgery. I’m super excited that the intensity of my workouts is starting to SLOWLLY increase. If all goes well and I continue to make progress, it looks like I’ll be able to get on the stage at Nationals in May. I’ll only have a good 2 months of actual training leading up to it, so my numbers won’t be back too 100%, but it’ll be great to be back on the platform! Plus, it’s in Chicago, which is about an hour from my home town :))

Here’s yesterday’s training.

  • Front squat 5×10 40kg
    • Squats are starting to feel so natural. Squatting used to always feel so uncomfortable for me and I was never able to get into a semi-good position without a bunch of weight on my back forcing me down there. Now I can just sit right down with minimal weights.
  • No Feet High Hang Power Snatches 5×3 40kgs
  • Clean Deadlifts 5×5 60kg
    • Like my squat, my start position is also much improved and much more comfortable. I can sit my hips comfortably without having to force them into position.


  • Snatch Shrugs 5×10 95Kg
  • Bent Over Snatch Shrugs 5×10 45kg


  • Snatch RDL’s 5×8 55kg
  • 1 leg RDL’s 5×8 50lbs
    • My hamstrings are starting to wake up. They are feeling more strong and mobile each week.

Feeling Optimistic

Days Until my Next doc appointment: 19

Body Weight: 62.2

Tuesday – Feb 7th, 2017

It’s crazy how things can change from day to day. Yesterday, I was crying and upset all training, and today, was the most fun I’ve had in training in quite some time. One thing I’m beginning to realize is that often times my state of mind is determined by and is a result of how my training session went that day. This, is a problem. Now that I am aware of it, I can begin to change it, to better myself mentally. I don’t get have a plan of action, but I WILL come up with one.

For example, I went to the gym yesterday knowing that I had goblet squats (BORRRINGGG), really light OH squats and bench press. Not my favorites things to do, at all. I showed up with a bad attitude. I did my goblet squats outside so I didn’t have to talk to anyone and so I could just get them over with without being bothered. Then proceeded to do my OH squats, still without talking to anyone. I was doing them at 25kg’s, which was 10 more kgs then I was allowed last week, but still such light, tedious work. Then, Coach don said “Bigger put some weight on that bar” I grabbed 2.5kg plates intending to add only 5kgs, trying to be smart in my training. To my surprise, Coach Don said “Come on now, I want you to do at least 40Kgs” At that moment, my attitude immediately changed. He then let me go up to 50 and 55kgs for sets of 5 all with pauses. Although this is still very light weight relative to what I was doing before the surgery. It made me happy. I was actually ecstatic. Thus, showing how my attitude reflects my training.

Now, as I sit here typing out my training log, I realize that I still have a lot of work, mentally, to do. My physical strength will come back quickly, but my mental strength, is what will, if not improved upon, hold me back. I’m learning so much from this surgery, and this is only the beginning.

Anyways, here’s what I did yesterday.

  • Goblet Squats 5×10 50lbs +
    • KB Sumo Deadlifts 5×10 50kgs
  • OH Squats 5 Reps all paused up to 55kgs

Brosession – Upper body

  • Bench Press – 3×8 55kgs 3×5 60kgs
  • DB CG Pushups – 5×12 +
    • DB Tricep Rocking Rolls 5×12 20lbs
  • Tricep Pushdowns 100reps Red band

Core/ Outside play

  • Toes to bar 5×10
  • Banded Dead bugs 3x8e +
    • Plank 3x 30s
  • Bamboo Bar Carries 35lb KBS jerk grip and snatch grip x5 total

Days until my next Doc apt: 20

Bodyweight: 62.2


Monday – February 6th, 2017

Had another day today. Seems like I have more bad days (mentally) than good days lately. Being injured it hard, I’ll just leave it at that. I cry.  I cry often and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve never been one to hide my emotions, and I probably never will be. I’m learning to embrace it, to embrace the suck and just get through it. It’s part of the journey. Coach Trav said that this is the part I’m going to learn from. This the part that I’m going to share after I make it through. This is the part where God teaches me things. This is the part where I learn how strong I am. This part sucks, but its the part that makes the journey so amazing.

It’s not the triumph; but in the struggle.

  • NF Hip Power Cleans 10×3 40kg
    • These were programmed as No feet power cleans from blocks, but I kept using my arms in the pull an couldn’t break that. When it’s light weight and you can do the movement with your arms it’s so hard to tell the brain not too. Don switched me over to hip cleans to focus on just the hips and lets. It helped, but man was it frustrating.
  • Single Leg squats 5x10e +
    • Tire Flips 5×10

Bro session – Back

  • Pull-ups 4 sets 10, 8, 10, 10 +
    • Mid set sob session with the coaches
  • Bench Lat Sweeps 5×8 20kgs
  • Bench rows w/ 5 second Eccentric 5×5 45kg +
    • Dumbbell R0ws 5x8e 45lbs
  • Hyper Extensions 3×10 35kg +
    • Plate Flexion/extension 3×10 45kg
  • Lunges 150

Days Until my next Doc appointment: 21

Body weight: 62.2