Bronze Level Programming Options: Christmas Specials 2017

Congratulations! Someone has referred you to our online team – and as part of our 2017 Christmas Specials, you both can receive 20% off your monthly membership!

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As a Bronze Level Member:

1. You’ll receive access to our private facebook group where all of our athletes can encourage each other, ask questions, provide insight, and talk about living the Barbell Life.

2. You’ll be able to choose one of the following 12 pre-written programming options. Your membership will be ongoing until you cancel, and the programming will continue.

And if you want to switch to another Bronze Level program, you can do so at any time. It might be a fun and inexpensive way to sample a lot of what the barbell has to offer. (It’s not a requirement, but we do suggest that you get to the end of a program cycle before changing programs, as this gives you the best results.)

A friend has referred you – so you can be part of the Mash Mafia, get the best programming in the world, and rub elbows with other barbell lovers in the facebook group for 20% off! Instead of the normal $35 price, your monthly rate will only be $28.

(Discount membership rate only extends while you both are members. If you or your friend ends membership, the other’s rate reverts to the undiscounted rate.)

Learn a little bit about the different programming options and take your pick:

Olympic Weightlifting: 4-Day Program or 6-Day (with Optional 7th Day) Program

Right now, the Mash Mafia is taking over the weightlifting world. Get the programming that’s making it possible. And depending on your schedule, you can choose to go with a program that has you working out four days per week or one that has you working out six days with an optional seventh day.

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Powerlifting: 4-Day Program or 6-Day (with Optional 7th Day) Program

Travis broke onto the scene as a world champion powerlifter. After breaking long-standing world records, it’s safe to say he knows a little about what it takes to get strong as powerlifter.

There are two options to fit your schedule: a program with four workouts a week or a program with six workouts and an optional seventh workout.

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Super Total (Weighlifting and Powerlifting): 4-Day Program or 6-Day (with Optional 7th Day) Program

For those who follow Travis, you saw his preparation for a recent Super Total meet – combining the snatch and clean and jerk with the squat, bench, and deadlift.

He described the programming as a chess match as he managed the load on his body to progress in all the lifts. Those same principles can now help you if you are a lover of both weightlifting and powerlifting.

Once again, you can choose to workout four days a week or a program that has you in the gym six days with an optional seventh.

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GridStyle: 5-Day Program

Travis was recently recruited as a professional Grid athlete – and he loved the energy, vitality, and strength that he felt as he mixed lifting with metabolic conditioning.

You can get the same benefits and more with his GridStyle programming. This will help you crush those WODs.

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MashJacked Mass Gain: 4-Day Program or 6-Day Program

For the bodybuilder purely interested in aesthetics, this program is designed to maximize hypertrophy (muscle gain). You may need a new wardrobe after getting MashJacked.

There are two options for your convenience: one program with four sessions a week and the other with six sessions.

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MashJacked Cutting: 5-Day Program.

This is an intense fat loss program for intense results. If you want to lose fat quickly and still hold on to your muscle, this MashJacked program will get you there.

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MashJacked Powerbuilding: 4-Day program or 6-Day program.

This is for lifters who want the best of both worlds: getting stronger in the squat, bench, and deadlift, while still packing on a ton of muscle. Being MashJacked awaits.

For the time crunched, a 3-day program is available – in addition to a 6-day program.

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