Breaking the Code of Greatness

Breaking the Code of Greatness

Ok I am going to give it to you straight! Right now I am on my way to the USA Weightlifting Junior Nationals. I have seven people competing, and all seven are ready to win medals and make international teams. I coached over thirty people in the American Open more than any other coach in America. I coach over forty existing Division I athletes and 2 NFL stars.

There is one common trait amongst all of my athletes. As Zach Even-Esh says, “They live the Code!” Zach and I are doing a sick dual certification May 16-17th (Click here to find out more). Talking with him has really got me thinking about what it truly takes to be great.

Zach Even

I am not talking about weightlifting, powerlifting, or football. I am talking about being great at anything. There is a true difference in the people succeeding and not succeeding. For me it is very easy to spot. Thank God now I am in a situation that making money at my gym isn’t a priority. My priority is surrounding myself with Champions.

At the Mash Compound, it doesn’t take long for people to get weeded out. We work hard every day. We are trying to be the best that we can, Period! If you are not trying to do the same thing, then find somewhere else to train. That’s the bottom line!

Over the years, I have met, trained, and trained with some of the best athletes in the world. These are the traits that we all possess:

We don’t give excuses! We figure out why! Things don’t always go as planned. A true champion will figure out the problem and move forwards. The other people will spend their lives making excuses and blaming other people.

Travis Deadlift

Champions are mentally tough! Look, hard training is going to leave you sore and achy. That is the bottom line! Your knees are going to hurt. Your back is going to hurt. Champions find a way to work through it, and other people take a month off.

I know that I sound harsh right now, but I am just being honest. You can ask every athlete at MDUSA, and they will all have aches and pains. That is all sports. Do really think that Michael Phelps felt great everyday? No man!

They are going to outwork everyone else! They are not going to take short cuts or miss practice. When I hang out with guys like Zach Even-Esh, magic happens. We are all ballers, and we know that our time together is precious. What do we do? We stay up late working on new ideas.

The weightlifters at MDUSA are all there to be the best in the business. Every last one of them does their workout. Do they go home afterwards? No man. They go to work on their weaknesses. Ariel Stephens grabs the Farmers Walk Bars. Jared Fleming hits the GHRs. That is why they will be the best. They have a goal, and NOTHING will get in their way.

If their knees hurt, they will wrap them. Then after practice, they will go to their favorite Chiro or PT. If their back hurts, they will put lintament on it, warm up like crazy, and wear a belt. They will not be stopped.

Champions will find their weaknesses and Destroy them! They will not run away from them. Travis Cooper needed to get his pull stronger, so guess what, he pulled more. Jared Fleming needed to strengthen his back and get his pull faster. He did just that and won Best Lifter at the American Open.

Look, this is tough love right now! I am just being honest. When I was a Pro Powerlifter, nothing would get in my way of training. My back hurt all the time. My wrists hurt. My forearms hurt. My knees hurt. So what? I trained through it, and my body adapted to the training volume. What happened with this view on training? I became the best powerlifter in the world.


Champions don’t miss anything. They are Master’s of the Mundane! They will sleep when they are supposed to sleep. They will stretch, mobilize, and recover. Their nutrition will be on point. They will leave no stone unturned.

Now being a champion isn’t for everyone. I know that, and I am cool with that. I want to help all people. Some people just want to get in shape, get lean, and be the best that they can be. My athlete Adee Zukier and I teamed up to bring you guys “Eat & Lift What You Want”, and that program is for Champions and Average Joe’s alike. We have athletes that are competing at the Junior Nationals this weekend, and we have soccer moms that train out of their basement. Perfect.


Join Adee’s Team, Eat & Lift What You Want!

I am just talking about people that want to be the best at something. I want to give you all a reality check. Being the best takes a lot of work, commitment, and sacrifice, so don’t say it unless you mean it. People write me all the time talking about wanting to be the best.

I’ll send this person a workout with all the requirements for being great, and then the excuses come rolling in. “I don’t have time.” “It’s too hard.” You know what? You were all talk. These sentences never come out of the mouth of one of my athletes at a National event. All they ask me is, “What else can I be doing?”

I am not just talking about my onsite athletes. My Mash Mafia Online Weightlifters and Powerlifters are some of the strongest athletes in the country. Grayson Corrales is my 63k female lifter that should make the Pan Am Team this weekend. She is from Washington, but she communicates with me almost daily. She never gives me excuses. Dylan Cooper, Adee Zukier, Jillian Mull, Lauren Rutan, and Jacob Hamby are all lifters that I work with online, and all of them are at the top of their game in weightlifting. Not one of them, will give me an excuse. Not one!


Join Grayson’s Mash Mafia Weightlifting Team

My onsite lifters that are competing this weekend like Cooper Hanson, Hannah Black, and Matt Wininger are all some of the mentally toughest athletes that I have ever coached. They only want to do that one more thing that will give them that slight edge. They could accidentally cut there arm off, and they would sew it back on to finish their set.

Where has toughness gone? I don’t know, but at Mash Mafia Weightlifting we are finding the guys and gals that “live the Code”.

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