Workout 6/6&7/13

Thursday (Hand Stand Push Ups Work)
Power Snatch 75x3x5(inc. weight if able)
OH Squat HS, 70x3x2

Friday (Double Unders for Crossfit) 3/8/13
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat + 60 lb chains/max 2, 85%+ch(Proj. Max of ch squat)/3×2

Run 1 mile for time

Workout 6/5/13

Obviously if you are a Crossfitter, then do Barbara. If not, don’t! If you are strictly a weightlifter, you can skip bench press and Barbara. The program is an outline that works for anyone, just tailor it to your specific goals.

Wednesday(Crossfit work on Hand Stands & Contrasting Sled Sprints)

Clean & J 60×3+1,65×3+1,70×3+1,75×3+1×3(inc. weight if able)

Front Squats 75x4x5

Snatch Pulls from Box 105-130%x3x4
ME Bench Max Triple 3 Board, 95×1(chest), max
Bench 5/3/1 60/3,70/3,80/3+

Plate Raises/8 ss Dips/10×3-5

Or Crossfit

5 rounds for time, resting 3 mins between each round:
20 Pull-ups,
30 Push-ups,
40 Sit-ups,
50 Squats.

Today’s Workout

Tuesday (Muscle Ups practice or 5reps x 3)

Power Cleans 75x3x5(inc. weight if able)
Jerks Heavy single, 70/3×3

Pull-ups/5-8, Rows/10, & black burns x 3
or Crossfit
Wall Balls/15 ss Toes 2 Bar/15 12 minutes AMRAP

MashElite’s Learn 2 Lift Seminar

L2L Seminar

This past weekend was MashElite’s first annual Learn 2 Lift Seminar, and our staff had an absolute blast sharing our knowledge and ideas. We loosely kept up with PRs, but at least 50 PRs were set over the course of the weekend. The event focused on the snatch and clean & jerk during Saturday’s events, and squat, bench, and deadlift on Sunday. The attendees were a mixed group of Crossfitters, Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters, and High School athletes. We were high energy all weekend, and the whole staff enjoyed meeting all the different people. I want to pass on some of the things that I noticed from each day in hopes that we can all learn something.

Day 1 was the snatch and clean & jerk. These two movements are by far the most technical two lifts that will be taught in a strength facility. I mainly noticed that coaches aren’t taking the time to teach the lifts properly, and in some instances there were people that were severely in danger with the biomechanics they were using. Coaches need to slow down and take the time to teach the lifts, and if you don’t know how to teach them, either learn them or don’t program them. I found that ankle mobility and T-Spine mobility are more prevalent issues than hip mobility. My advice on teaching people Snatch would be to start with the positions during the pull, Overhead Squats, and Tigger Squats. Then I would start with full snatching ASAP, and stop all of the Power Snatches. There were people there with amazing mobility that were simply not using it. One big issue with both of the lifts was not finishing through the heals. Most of the people shifted their weight onto the balls or toes of the foot mainly from reaching their hips to the bar. They all learned to guide the bar into their bodies. The Clean & Jerk posed some flexibility issues especially with the wrist, lats, and shoulders. I’m going to make a mobility video later this week addressing these issues, so be on the outlook on my YouTube Page. The jerk was by far the hardest part of the Clean & Jerk to teach. Keeping the shoulders in and up, mobility above the head, and foot position were all big challenges.

Day 2 was a little less technical with the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. I still have to say one thing, “If you are going to program it, you have to be willing to teach it properly.” We learned the differences in high bar and low bar, the conjugate method, and several variations(paused, bands, chains, and 1/4). I hoped that everyone came away with some new ideas on programming. At the end of the day we went ham sandwich and killed some big PRs safely! The highlight was two girls both deadlifting 325lbs Lyndsey and Rachel Ruble! Yes two sisters! Rachel is the youngest and is only 17 years old. Both of them are veteran MashEliters, and Lyndsey is marrying MashElite Brainiac Staff Member Greg Nuckols next month. I do have to clarify that she is a Brainiac too, and gets more work done than Greg and I combined.

All in all it was a great time, and I really learned a lot myself. One of the big things that I learned was that Crossfitters are awesome! They are a group of people that just love learning about all the aspects of fitness, and most of them love lifting heavy things. How can a real strength athlete not love them? Because of Crossfit thousands of people are being introduced to strength movements that I have loved my whole life. I’m for one thankful for the sport, community, and culture of Crossfit!

We are in the process of scheduling more Learn 2 Lift Seminars, so if you are interested, contact us on the MashElite website We are already booked for July and August, so we are planning September on. Also we are going to make a DVD from this past seminar that will be available shortly on the MashElite website in the store section.

Last Few Workouts

I will start updating this daily for anyone who wants to try our program!

Thursday (Hand Stand Push Ups Work)
Power Snatch 70x3x5(inc. weight if able)
OH Squat HS, 65x3x3

Friday (Double Unders for Crossfit)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat + 60 lb chains/max 2, 80%+ch(Proj. Max of ch squat)/3×2
Or crossfit
100m down and back, 15 push-ups HR, 15 KB Swings, 15 KB Bentover Rows x 5

Saturday (Muscle Ups & L Sits) 3/9/13

3 Pos. Snatch 60x3x3(inc weight if able)

Fat Bar Bench HS, 85x2x2
Bench 3 Board Max 3, 95%(reg bench)/1 to chest, max 1, 80/5

DL Max 3 off of High Box

Push Press HS, 65x3x2
GHRs and BB Hip Ups

Amanda for time
9-7-5 reps:
Snatches @135/95LBS.

Week 2 June 2nd to June 8

Monday (Crossfit Double Unders Warm Up & hurdle series)

Snatch 60×3,65×3,70×3, 75x3x3(inc. weight if able)

Squats wk2 85/3, 70x3x3, 42%/5×2 (5sec pause)
Depth Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 105%x2x6 becoming Speed DLs no more than 82%
Standing Millitary Press HS, 65×3,75x3x2

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5
Or crossfit
400 m run, 10 GHRs, and 25 double unders x 3 AFAP

My Workouts This Week

Great week so far! I have a sprained hand, so I am taking it easy on the cleans. Everything else is really doing well. The volume is super high right now, and my body is adapting. Sleep is more important than ever, so I’m taking a Zinc and Magnesium supplement that really seems to be working. All members of MashElite are really excited right now. We can all sense a huge change taking place internally with new events, new programming, and new things happening. My wife and I both agree that this is the most exciting time in our business’s history. With the Strength Extravaganza, our Learn 2 Lift Seminars, Smashed Crossfit, Mash Summer Camps, Weightlifting Talk, Tush & Abs, Rebecca making the MDUSA Team, Greg breaking the all-time record at 242, a new website, Drew totaling elite at 148lbs, me making a return to Pro Powerlifting in August, and competing at the American Open in Weightlifting at 40 years old I believe that we have a lot to celebrate.

5/27/13 (today I beat Greg in math)
Snatch 80kx3,85kx3, 90kx3, 95kx3x2, 105kx3
Squat 485×3, 425x3x2
DL off High Box 805×4
Millitary Press 205×1, 135x3x2

Behind Neck Jerks 147k/1 easy

P. Cleans 110kx2x3, 115kx1, 120kx1

Front Squats 355x4x4, 375×4
Snatch Pulls from Box 265×3, 295×3, 320×3
Band Stretches see video

P. Snatch 185x3x3,200x3x2,205×3
Bench max Triple 3 Board 405×3
Bench to chest 320x2x3
Clean Pulls from Box 320×3, 365×3,415×3


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