Level II Attitude Nation Camp & Mash Summer Camp

This weekend is the Level II Attitude Nation Camp, and I am just as excited to learn as I am to teach. Personally I have never heard of a camp with so many champions before in my life. For each section you have international level athletes teaching. Weightlifting will be taught by Jon North, Jessica North, and Donnie Shankle. I will be teaching the Powerlifting. Gymnastics will be taught by the one and only Ryan Grady along with his Olympic hopeful friend Ben Taylor. I’m more excited about the gymnastics because I have no experience, and I believe that there is no better training for athletes. Gymnasts are the most relatively strong athletes on the planet, and like Martin Rooney says a relatively strong athlete is a fast athlete.

Next week is our last Mash Summer Camp of the year. It is for age 12+, and we are excited to teach these young folks how to be great. Like always we will be teaching them the basics of: speed, jumping, mobility, nutrition, mind set, goal setting, and performance training. We will also have guest speakers that have made it to the collegiate level or higher to explain their paths to success.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, but I am pumped to meet new people and learn new things. Below is the workout for the week! If you have questions for us, contact me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com or my website is www.MashElitePerformance.com.

Week 7

Monday (BB Legs Dominated)

Snatch 92×1, 80×2,max 2(work up if able)(BBd 92×1, 80×2)

Squats wk7 97×1, 80×3, 55x4x1(3 sec pause)(BBd 65% x 15)
Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 110%x3x3(work up to 80% of DL)(BBd Pistol Squats/6-8 ss RDLs w chains/8 x 4)
Standing Millitary Press HS, 75×3

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5(BB GHRS/10 ss Bulgarian Split squats/10 ea x3)

Or crossfit

3 Rounds for Time:
30 yd Sled Sprint 135/90#
20 Burpees
30 yd Sled Sprint
30 KB Snatches 50/35Lbs (15/arm)

Tuesday (BB Back Dominated)

Cleans from Box HS, 85×3
Jerks Heavy single, 75×3

Pull-ups weightedx 5-8, 1 arm cable Rows/10-15 x 3(BB 5 sets)
(BB BB Bentover Rows/10 ss Heavy DB Pullovers/8 ss TRX Facebusters/12x 5)

or Crossfit
60 C2B Pull-ups
EMOM 5 Burpee over the Box Jumps 20″ (no touch on top)

Wednesday(BB Chest & Arms)

Clean & J 92×1+1, 80×2+1,max 2+1(BBd 92×1+1, 80×2+1×1)

Front Squats ,80×3,85×3,max 3(BBd)

Snatch Pulls from Box 110-135%x3x2
ME Bench 1 Board Max Triple, 95%/max attempts
Bench 5/3/1 65/5,75/3,85/1+(BB 63%/15)

Snatch Grip Presses/6 ss Dips/10×3-5 (BBd)

(BBd Band Presses/20 ss TRX Flies/15 x4)
(BBd Fat Bar Curls/10 ss Smith Curls/10 x 4)

Or Crossfit
400 m for time

Thruster Tabatas 95/65#

400 m for time

Thursday (Delt oriented)
Snatch from Box HS, 85%x3(BB off)
OH Squat HS,85%x3 (BB off)

(BBd Fat Bar Standing Push Presses/8 x 4)
(BBd Full Lateral Raises/10 ss Plate Raises/10 x 4)

Friday (BB legs dominated)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat max single with 50-60lbs of chain, 88% of bar weight plus chainx3(BBd 58%/20)

(BBd DB Racked Position Walking Lunges/15 ea leg ss Elevated BB Hip Ups/15 ss TRX Leg Curls/15 x 4)


12-9-6 of:
Power Clean & Jerk 185/120#
Bar Muscle Ups

Saturday (BB Upper Dominated)

Hang Snatch to Snatch max(5 total work sets)BBd skip

Fat Bar Bench HS, 88×2
3 Board Bench Max Single, 90%/max attempts to chest

(BBd only CG Bench with Chains/8 ss Push-up over Med Ball/20 x 4)

DL Max Double off a High Box(BBd)

Push Press HS, 75×3 (BBd ss Nosebreakers w chains/10×3)

GHRs and BB Hip Ups (BBd skip)



20 min AMRAP:
400 meter run,
Max rep pull-ups.


Freeing Workouts at the Attitude Nation Gym

Yesterday I worked out at The Attitude Nation Gym owned by my friend Jon North. Most of you know that Jon along with Ryan Grady are my co-hosts on Weightlifting Talk a podcast that I do every week on Tuesday and Thursday at 1p. Sometimes I get to work out with them, and for those couple of hours I am transformed into a 20 year old. All I am thinking about is the moment, and I am just a young kid having fun. It is my golf! It is my guitar lesson! I love lifting weights with my friends possibly competing with each other and talking a little mess. Jon talks mess every time, and I love it. I feed right into his madness, and we just spend two hours slamming bars and forgetting the problems of the world.

I’m not saying that people should try and escape the problems of the world totally, but as you head them straight on find an outlet just to rewind. I have loved weightlifting and weight training since I was 12 years old. I started working out at the local gym in my hometown of Jefferson, NC, and I was hooked from the squat. People often ask me, “Why do you still train so hard?” The answer is complicated because unless you’ve experienced the “results” of hard training, you’ll never understand. What I mean is the ability to alter your body is freeing. It is something that you can control to a degree. If I want to get strong, I lift heavy. If I want to get big, I use lots of rep. If I want to get ripped, I do more of a metabolic workout and watch my diet. If you put the time in, the results will come. For me the first time I watched my maxes go up I was hooked! Now at 40 years old nothing has changed! If I put the time in, the results will come. There are other challenges now like avoiding injury and proper recovery, but those challenges just add to the fun.

A key that I have found is that I am not competing in the Master’s Division(40+ years old) yet. I am competing in weightlifting and powerlifting this year at the highest of levels against all the youngsters, and I love it. I get to train with one of the best powerlifters and one of the best weightlifters in the country. Greg Nuckols just broke the all-time 242lb drug free raw Powerlifting record, and Jon North is one of the best 94k weightlifters in the country. These two are my training partners, so I can’t slack off. It’s awesome because trying to hang with both of them makes me feel their same age. I am doing their weights, and moving like they do. Listen if you are 35+, quit throwing in the towel and compete against younger people. Don’t surrender in life! Quit giving yourself some lame excuses as to why you can’t do the same things that you used to do. I am telling you that if you want to look and feel like you did when you were 18 years old, then do the same things that you were doing when you were 18.

I’ve given my fountain of youth secrets away this morning, but my job alone keeps me young. I have a distinct advantage because I train young people, so being around that environment keeps me motivated to workout. I am not giving an excuse for anyone. I still believe that people need to get out from behind their desk and sprint, jump, and lift weights. Don’t ever stop these three things, and the aging process will slow. A big key is to pick a goal and go after it. There are several competitions that people can enter now like: Crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, or Highland games. You don’t have to win just compete against yourself, and each time try to better your performance. My friend Coach Joe Kenn, Head Strength Coach for the Carolina Panthers, lives this code that I am talking about. He is always competing. Now he is doing Highland games, and he is having a blast. He is improving all the time at the events, and he is staying young in the process. Anyone who knows him realizes that he is just an overgrown kid that loves finding new ways to get yoked in the weight room. My point to all of this is compete in life, have fun, and stay yoked!

If you need any help, contact me on my website:



Youth Nationals

This past weekend I traveled with two of my athletes to St. Joseph, Missouri for the 2013 Weightlifting Youth Nationals. My two athletes were Dylan Joyner and Hayden Dupont. I rode with the Joyner family for the entire 15 hour trip, and most people have told me that riding that far would be out of the question. I guess that I am just a big kid because I loved seeing Nashville, the Arch in St. Louis, and coming back we saw Louisville, KY. St. Joseph is rich in weightlifting history because the famous Wesley Weightlifting Club is stationed there, and it is the home of several Olympians including my first coach Wes Barnett. I didn’t get a chance to see him, but I did see my old friend Pete Kelly, 1996 Olympian. St. Joseph is also the home of famous outlaw Jesse James. Traveling is such a great way to truly learn about history and our beloved country. Reading fact in a book is necessary, but experiencing what you have read is a whole new level of cool.

Traveling and competing together as a team is one of the most rewarding thing that I do as a coach. We arrived in St. Joseph on Thursday evening, and after a short rest I met the athletes and their families in the lobby for dinner. Afterwards we all met for a short hot tub and a dip in the pool. The camaraderie is always so rewarding. There is something to be said for sharing a long training cycle, traveling, and then anxiety of a big meet that will simply form a bond that can never be broken, and the families of the athletes are in the exact same boat because they have been there with their children through it all. We have all experienced the road to the Nationals! We have lived through great days, bad days, frustration, and the aha moments when light bulbs go off in the athletes brain. Now at the Nationals we are all in it together! Win, lose, bomb-out, or great day we are doing it together!

Hayden was up first on Friday. Hayden has been training with me the longest of my weightlifters minus a slight hiatus. At times he has the best technique of my whole squad, but he is still only 14 years old, so he is still figuring things out. The National Championships in weightlifting is a scary thing. When you are on the platform, everyone is eyes on you. You normally have three grumpy old judges staring at you, and it would appear that they are praying you miss. It is an intimidating place. Hayden went 3 for 6 on the day, and he set meet PRs in the Clean & Jerks and total. I see that as a win! He didn’t hit what he wanted, but no one ever does in their first Nationals. Hayden was back at it on Monday in preparation for his next meet. I believe that with a steady year of training the podium will be there next year.

Dylan was next on Saturday. At first he was walking around the warm up room like he had seen a ghost. I simply put my arm around him, and told him to chill out. The key to a big meet is just have fun. Remind yourself that you are simply doing what you love with a lot of people that love it too! That is it man! Dylan gathered himself, and he went on to rock the house. He went 5 for 6, and he PRed in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and the Total. That is all I can ask of my athlete. He moved up 5 spots from his placing last year in the Nationals, so the only acceptable outcome for next year is a podium performance.

The trip was a great time, and for me it was a time of reflection. 30 total hours on the road allowed me to read, dream, and plan. I am blessed to be a part of so many great things at MashElite! I train Division I Athletes of all sports, I have a great weightlifting team, I have a great powerlifting team, I have a new Crossfit Program, and I have athletes of all ages that I get to help reach goals. Whether it is an athlete receiving a scholarship, a lifter setting a PR, or a soccer mom doing her first pull-up at 40 years old, I get to share in the win. The cool thing is that anyone who is a part of the team gets to share in each other’s win, so we are all winning all the time.

To be a part in the excitement check us out at:

Twitter: @MashElite


My Workout Today

Today’s workout was surprisingly a success in the Olympic lifting portion, but my strength was down probably from the 14 hour car ride to Missouri and back. Still all and all a success! My snatches are starting to move better, so hopefully I will be ready for the American Open!

Snatch 90×1
Millitary Press 90×1, 60×32,70×3

Snatch 120/1,123k/1,130k/m, 100/2,105/2
Back Squats 615lb/1
DL 605lb/1
Back Squats 365/3,405/2, 435/1 pause


Mash Camp and Why We are Successful

Mash Camp and Why We are Successful

Last week was the first of two Mash Camps of the summer. The ages were 7-12, and we had an equal number of boys and girls. What really surprised me this year was how attentive this group was. Most young men and women at their age have trouble sitting through any presentation, and we were asking them to learn about goal setting, mindset, and nutrition. The parents kept sharing with the staff instances of their children asking them about proteins, carbs, and fats. This is the age we have to start people. Why do we feed our young kids so poorly, and then expect them to change their habits when they get older? Now is the time! Yes, we taught all the kids about speed, body weight strength, jumping, and agility, but nutrition, goal setting, and mindset are the difference makers for them in life. We reiterated all week that the most successful people in life become “Masters of the Mundane”. Everybody does the big things like train, sprint, and practice, but the big difference makers become the little things. Little things added up over time add up to be huge advantages for athletes! The athlete that eats well, sleeps well, has a plan, and believes that they can succeed will be the athlete that comes out on top every time. I believe this to be the hard one for parents to pass on because they didn’t master the small things, so they don’t know to pass it on. This was always my secret as an athlete! Genetics were never on my side per say, so I did all the little things well, and over time I was able to catch and pass up my competition. The camp was visited daily be current MashElite college athletes of various sports and genders, and they shared their journey. Each athlete is different and provides potential nuggets of knowledge that helped them in their quest for college glory. You never know what nugget of knowledge will stick with the young athlete through their high school experience helping them reach their goals as well. The next Mash Camp is June 15-19 for ages 12+, and it promises to be stacked with these same nuggets! For more information check us out at www.MashElitePerformance.com and you can read more about the camp in the “Events” section and sign up in the “Store” section.

This weekend while at the Olympic Weightlifting Youth National (write up to come tomorrow) a coach asked me how I was so successful in the private athlete strength and conditioning sector because he had been in business for two years and was struggling to get things off the ground. I explained that first you need to love the kids. If you don’t, do something else. What I do is a lot of work! I am writing this blog at 6am, and I could be in bed, but I wanted to share this information with all of my MashEliters. Second you need to live the life that you are preaching. If you are telling your kids to train hard, eat right, set goals, have a winning mindset, love God, and love their family, then you better do the same things! Period! Kids can see through a fake man! Last get RESULTS! If you don’t know how to get results for your athletes, then either learn how to do so or Quit! I have studied my whole life to be able to provide my athletes with an environment of success. I continue to study, and now I have surrounded myself with a staff that has the same desires of knowledge. My staff loves the kids (young and not so young kids) just like I love them. These are the keys! Nothing fancy! Just character, love, and knowledge!

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Introducing the New MashElite: “Get Jacked” Group Training

MashElite: Adult “Get Jacked” Group
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Learn to Master Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting
MEP Experience: Technique, Progressions, & Tricks
The Overall Weightlifting & Powerlifting Experience
– – – – – – – – – –
At Mash Elite Performance
5397 Hwy 158
Advance, NC
Group Will Meet Mon thru Friday at 5:45
Cost is $25/Session, $160/month for 2 Times per week, or $200/unlimited training sessions!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
MashElite’s Adult “Get Jacked” Group is for weightlifters, powerlifters, crossfitters, or anyone who just wants to get jacked! The Group will focus on the Lifts of Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, & Progressions) and Powerlifting (Squat, Bench, & Deadlift). The Group will feature:

-Travis Mash BS, USA Weightlifting SPC, CPT, World Champion Powerlifter, ex Olympic Hopeful Weightlifter and Bobsledder, One of the Strongest Men to Ever Live
-Chris “Ox” Mason BS, CPT, World Record Holding Powerlifter, celebrated author, Inventor, and just a Bad Man!
-Greg Nuckols World Champion Powerlifter, Strongest 242lb Powerlifter in History, Published Author, Smartest Man in World
-Eze Onwurah Nationally Ranked Weightlifter, Best Built Man at MashElite, rapidly taking over Weightlifting in North Carolina

Topics will include:
• Teaching the progressions of the lifts(Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, & Deadlift)
• Adult Athletes will learn how to “Get Jacked” and have fun doing it
• Recognizing and correcting mobility issues
• Dynamics of programming & how to implement
• Techniques that will immediately increase any five of the lifts

Athletes MUST register to attend, space is limited to
10 athletes per day!

Contact Information:


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