Words of Wisdom from the Shankle

​Last weekend The Attitude Nation hosted its first Level II Camp. I was a part of what I would call a “Dream Team”. Weightlifting was taught by International and National level lifters Jon North, Jessica North, and Donnie Shankle. The Powerlifting portion was taught by me, but I was assisted by World Record Holder Greg Nuckols and National level Weightlifter Rebecca Gerdon. The gymnastics section was conducted by the one and only Ryan Grady, and Crossfit Coach Ben Taylor. We all had a complete blast, but for me the true words of wisdom were spoken behind the scenes by “The Lion Killer” Donnie Shankle. Today I want to tell you guys what it takes to be a World Champion in the sport of weightlifting. There are four quadrants, and these quadrants were taught by World Famous Bulgarian Coach Ivan Abadjiev. The quadrants are as follows: maximums, minimums, attitude, and group training environment. I will explain each.

​Maximums are the high numbers that you hit in training when you are feeling perfect. For example if you snatch 150k weekly, but once a month or once every six weeks you hit 155 or 160, then your maximum is 155 to 160. This is the number that you are capable of if on meet day, all cylinders are firing. Your goal is to prepare the body for this big number or slightly higher by tapering properly for the meet.

​Minimums are the slightly more important than maximums because these are the numbers that you hit consistently. Minimums should be tracked on a monthly basis, and your goal should be to increase those minimums over time. These numbers are what one uses in picking an opener for a meet. Minimums tell the lifter and their coach what the worse possible scenario for a meet really is. Lifters should be more concerned with raising the minimum than increasing their maximum.
​Attitude in my opinion is the most important part of the four because a lifter must have a fearless attitude to one day pull themselves under world record weights. I’ve witnessed athletes that were mobile, fast, and strong, but because they doubted themselves, they were never able to succeed in weightlifting. I believe that this quadrant carries over to all sports. If an athlete isn’t fearless, courageous, and tenacious, then they will never reach full potential. That’s why as parents we should encourage these traits in our children, so that one day in sport and in life our children can be successful to their full potential.

​The last quadrant is a must for athletes to succeed, and that is group training. What I mean by group training is a group of likeminded athletes training in the same place. This is the key for athletes to push themselves to the maximums and minimums that they are capable of. In my experience this is more important than food, supplements, recovery, or rest. If competitive athletes are put in the same training hall, they will push each other to world record lifts. True athletes are competitive in nature, and they need other athletes to bring that out.

​These are just a few nuggets that I took away from the Shankle. I will be in New Jersey at the Underground Gym August 2nd and in Atlanta at Crossfit 140 August 24th teaching people the Olympic lifts. I look forward to passing on the knowledge that I have acquired over the last twenty years, and that I am still acquiring by working with people like Jon North and Donnie Shankle. I promise that it will be a great time of Bar Slamming and Knowledge Dropping! To Sign Up go to www.MashElitePerformance.com in the “Store” Section!

The Attitude Nation Level II Camp

I don’t have time to go into major detail, but I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to tell the world how proud that I am that I was a part of the best strength camp in America. Where else can you get two International Level Weightlifters, a Nationally ranked female weightlifter, a World Champion Powerlifter, and two world renowned Crossfit coaches in the same room. We had a world champion powerlifter, an elite ranking female powerlifter, and a Nationally ranked female weightlifter just hanging around helping out and lifting heavy weights with campers. All that I am saying is that at the next Level II Camp with Jon and Jessica North, Donnie Shankle, Ryan Grady, Ben Taylor, Rebecca Gerdon, Greg and Lyndsey Nuckols, and Travis and Drew Mash you need to do whatever it takes to get there if you are serious about strength.

These campers where awesome as well, and I promise that I feel like family to all of you that participated. I expect for each of you to keep in touch, and ask me any questions that you have. We slammed bars together, we learned together, and we sweat together, and in my book that means we are “heavy weight slamming” brothers and sisters. You guys are now a part of The Attitude Nation and Mash Elite Performance! Keep learning, never be satisfied, and keep crushing weight!

Travis Mash
Twitter: @MashElite

Workouts with Shankle & North, Movement, & Events

Workouts with Shankle & North, Movement, & Events

My workouts are going much better of late due to movement & a fine tuned neuromuscular response. This simply means that biomechanical movement patterns have been the main concentration of my latest workouts. Tuesday I worked out with Donnie Shankle for the first time, and in my mind I am thinking that I want to keep up with these guys. I know that I am 40, but dang it this will be the last time in my life that I will have a situation like this. I want to slam bar until God says that is enough, and that will probably come with a major injury. I’m strangely OK with this! I am in a situation where I can lift as mucch as I need to, so I am going to have fun, try to inspire others, and be the best that I can be. I know that I am plenty strong enough, but I have to work on my movement patters. The ability to get under the bar at a rapid speed is crucial to lifting big weights. Jon North is strong, but his speed and positioning underneath the bar is second to none. This is why he is the Champ, and this is what I have to strive to do. Jon and Donnie are the most intense weightlifters on earth, and they without a doubt love the sport. When we train, we have a 40 year old, a 30 year old, and a 20 year old brought together with a common love of slamming bars. The insane quest to master the bar is what drives us, and there is no place on earth better than North Carolina to immerse yourself in the sport of weightlifting!

Movement and strength are the keys to athleticism! If an athlete can move properly and is strong relative to body weight, then that athlete can jump and run like no other. After listening to Coach Kenn of the Carolina Panthers and Dan John, movement has become as much of my program as speed and strength. From this shift my athletes have gotten faster, jumped higher, stronger, and have gotten hurt less. I recommend reading Mike Robertson or Gray Cook, and learning as much about movement as possible to take your training business to the next level.

This weekend is going to be awesome! I am teaching with Jon North, Jessica North, Ryan Grady, Donnie Shankle, and Ben Taylor at the Attitude Nation Level II Certification Camp! How sick! We will be teaching Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Gymnastics. I am as excited to learn as I am teach! Then next week is the Mash Summer Camp for the 12+. This camp is going to rock with more visits from our collegiate athletes, speed & jumping mechanics, goal setting, and nutrition. Then at the beginning of August I am off to New York to drop knowledge about the sport of weightlifting. I love my life! I can honestly say that I am doing exactly what God intended!

If you have a question about programming, events, or coming to slam bars with us, email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com or check out my website at www.MashElitePerformance.com.

Below are some of my workouts:

Max Out Friday in Chicago
Snatch 120k/1,125/mx3
Clean & J 150k/1&1
Squat 210/1pause, 230k/1, 190/3 pauses

Snatch 90×1,95kx1
Squats 565lbsx1
Standing Military Press 90×1,95×1,88×1,98kx1

Snatch 120kilosx1, 100×2,110×2
Deadlift 625lbsx2

P. Snatch to Hang Snatch 105k/1+1
Clean & J 135k/2+1
Front Squat 435×1

Clean & J 150/k1, 130/2, 140/1
Jerks off Box 160k/1

Obesity in America

Obesity in America

​Yesterday on Weightlifting Talk(My Weekly Podcast with Jon North and Ryan Grady)we talked about Obesity in America. We definitely went a little over the top because that is what we do most of the time, but there were some points that we made that I am sticking by. One of our listeners, who is also a friend, made the point that none of us had ever been obese, so it would be easy on our parts to think that we have the answer. I agreed with her, and then I realized that we were on a very serious topic. I back tracked a little because I remembered that Martin Rooney had made the point that it was our job to educate and help people. I don’t want to be the person that makes fun of, chastises, or belittles someone. I want to be a source of knowledge, and I want to lend a compassionate heart to people in need.

​With that being said I find myself at a crossroads in my career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I have always been drawn to athletes and adults that like to train like athletes, but I want to be a part in helping all people. We already offer Crossfit, Group Personal Training, and Semi-Private Training, so I want to be a part in educating the community. Obesity is a killer folks! It’s not cancer! It’s something that we can control, and it is something that we can fix. We are adding Training For Warriors at Mash Elite Performance which is a way of training that was designed by Martin Rooney. It was designed around fighters and wrestlers, but now Martin is using it to get the world in shape. My friend and partner Chris “Ox” Mason will be coaching the groups, and I promise he is just as motivational as Martin. Ox is also someone that lives by what he coaches because he is a 41 year old jacked man!

​More than just adding programs I want to start a series of educational seminars open to the community. I want coaches, parents, athletes, and everyone else to come and learn the truth about nutrition, fitness, and health. I still love my athletes, but I want to affect my community. I believe that God has put me in a place to help others and share His love. That is exactly what I want to do. I will be announcing the dates for these seminars in the next couple of weeks.

​One of the points that we made I am definitely stick too, and that is if a young child is morbidly obese, that is child abuse. The child’s habits are being formed by the parents, and the food in the house is not up to the child. First I would like to educate the parents and the family, but if the parents aren’t willing to change, then they need to be punished. When a child is obese, their chance of heart disease is forever increased. This could be looked at as attempted murder, since obesity leads to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and types of cancer. I’m not condemning. I am just saying that America needs change in this area. We need to wake up as a country, and start taking responsibility.

​As far as obesity for adults that is your choice. If that is what you want, well do what you want. It’s sad because it kills you, affects your work, affects your ability to play with your children and friends, and it simply makes living life harder, but if that is what you want, then that is none of my business. If you see it as a problem, then get help. You are right when you say that I don’t know what it is like, but I have had other problems. I didn’t ignore the problems, and I didn’t make excuses for having them. I found help from professionals, and more importantly for me I found Christ. Yesterday has given me a new passion. I want to help people! I want to see a healthy America! I look forward to starting our new “Learn to do Life” Seminars!

​If you have any questions, email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com or check out the website at www.MashElitePerformance.com

Here is a link to the Weightlifting Talk Episode with Martin Rooney!


Last Couple of Weeks & Tomorrow I Meet Shankle

I’m really starting to move better now which is good since the American Open is in December. My goal is Snatch 135k and Clean & Jerk 170k. This will be a great first National meet back, and I haven’t been training a year yet. Not bad for 40 years old! However, I am more excited to meet the infamous Donnie Shankle tomorrow at the Attitude Nation Compound. I will be training with him for the first time, and this weekend I will be coaching with him at our Level II Camp. I’m so jacked to be teaming up with Jon North, Donnie Shankle, Jessica North, and my man Ryan Grady. We are going to rock it!

If you are interested in the camp or having a seminar at your gym contact me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com or go to the website www.MashElitePerformance.com.

Snatch 120k
Squat 565×1
DL from Box below knee 830×2, 850×1
Standing Press 100kx1

Snatch 113/1,122k/m
Clean & J 145/1&1
Front Squat 435lb/1 pause
Fat Bar floor presses 270/3 close grip
Snatch Pulls from Box 325/3,365/3,405/3,415/3

Snatch 90×1
Millitary Press 90×1, 60×32,70×3

Snatch 120/1,123k/1,130k/m, 100/2,105/2
Squats 615/1
DL 605/1
Squats 365/3,405/2, 435/1 pause

Snatch to Hang Snatch 90/1+2,100/1+2,110/1+1, 115k/1+1,120/1+1
Clean to Hang Clean to Jerk 100/1+1+1,120/1,1,1. 135k/1
Back Squats 160/3,170/3,200k/3 paused last one

P. Hang Snatch

Clean & J 90k/1&1
Bench 330lb/1, 285/3

Clean&J 145/1,155k/1,160/m,150/1,130/2
Front Squat Pause 200k/1,205k/m
Jerks off Box 150/1,170k/mx2

Max Out Friday in Chicago
Snatch 120k/1,125/mx3
Clean & J 150k/1&1
Squat 210/1pause, 230k/1, 190/3 pauses

Snatch 90×1,95kx1
Squats 565lbsx1
Standing Military Press 90×1,95×1,88×1,98kx1

Snatch 120kilosx1, 100×2,110×2
Deadlift 625lbsx2


Adult “Get Jacked” Weightlifting Class Week 2 Programming

Week 1 was awesome, and I am jacked for week #2! I’m ready to watch people Slam Bars and Kill PRs! If you are interested in learning how to crush weights properly and correctly, check out our website www.MashElitePerformance.com or email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com.

Get Jacked Week 2

Snatch 70×3, 75x3x3
Back Squats 85×3, 70x3x2,43x5x1(5 sec pause)
Box Jumps
Clean Pulls 105x2x6
Standing Shoulder Press HS, 70x3x2

Power Clean & Push Jerk 75×3+1 x 4
Snatch Grip BN Push Press 3 reps x 5
Jerk Position Millitary Press 3×5

Clean & J 70×3+1, 75×3+1×3
Front Squats 75x4x5
ME Bench Max Triple 3 Board, 95×1, max, 85×3(chest)
DL Max Triple off Box bar at knee

Power Snatch 75x3x5
OH Squat HS, 70x3x2
Push Press HS, 70x3x2

Max Snatch
Max Clean &J
Back Squats max 2 with 50lb chain, 85% bar weight + ch x3x2
Fat Bar Bench HS, 85x2x3


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