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I’m with my team on the way to the M.I.A. Classic in Miami, FL. We are listening to the Mark Bell episode of the best podcast in America, Barbell Shrugged. It’s absolutely hilarious. Having hung out with these guys several times, it’s like listening to your buddies having a great time. It’s a great way to travel because my whole team is getting a ton of knowledge bombs, so the trip is much more productive.

We have five of our onsite team members competing this weekend in Miami. We are coming off the big Youth Nationals weekend, so it’s like June is the competition month for us. We also have a lot of our online teammates coming to the MIA Classic. I am super excited to coach them in person. I also want to involve them in the family, and get a chance to love on these guys and gals. That is the reason that I do what I do. I want to positively affect as many lives as possible before I die, and that is a big goal that I have for this weekend.

Last weekend at the Youth Nationals, I had the most fun of my coaching career. I watched a team of two with no medals grow to a team of six and five medals in a year’s time. I watched young ones rise to the occasion and medal even though they panicked for the last two months of training. I watched athletes let the pressure get the best of them and still medal. I watched one athlete persevere through injury, have the meet of his life, and almost medal even though he hadn’t trained the last three weeks leading up to the event. One athlete opened with 17 kilos more than they finished with the year before, and ended with a 25 kilo PR from the year before. I watched one battle for a National Championship, but end up with all silvers. One didn’t make it due to injury, but we learned a lot about what he needs in training.

Dylan, Dylan, Hayden, Emily, Matt, and Alex, I am proud of you all. We learned so much as a team about not only weightlifting, but we learned about life. Perseverance, patience, confidence, self-control, mental toughness, and overcoming obstacles were all points addressed. I learned a lot too! No doubt! As a coach, if you don’t care about the mental and spiritual side of your athletes, then consider doing something else.

Spending so much time with my team has caused me to think a lot about the future. I have had so much fun with spending time with my athletes that I was reminded about what I am called to do. I am called to love my athletes, and by living out Col. 3:17 Glorify God. My goal in the next year is to start a non-profit (Open Doors) that will allow kids that normally wouldn’t have the chance access to our athletic performance, weightlifting, and powerlifting programs. We also want to use it as an umbrella for our Lift 4 Lisa “Kill Cancer” Foundation. That along with being the best coach in the world for my online team, athletic performance kids, and my weightlifting/powerlifting teams. We are also going to grow our adult programs, so that our entire Mash Family is taken care of.

I am going to concentrate on perfecting what I already have before taking on other ventures. My athletes and members deserve that from me. That deserve for me to be fully in the game providing them with the best programming and coaching in the world to help them reach whatever goal that they might have. All coaches should have the same goal. Your athletes and members trust you! That alone is worthy of your best.

This weekend I am excited to see all of my friends. The Barbell Shrugged Crew, Caffeine and Kilos, Virus, Broken Chains, CrossFit Soul, Progenex, and my online team will all be there. Yes, I am going to have fun with my friends, but I have so much more planned. I am going to use this time to learn from my brilliant friends about new ways to make people strong and all around better. I am going to learn new ways to make my business better, and hopefully I am going to meet new people that I will call friend. I will also introduce my team to all of the people I know, and with that spread the Barbell Life Community.

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See you in Miami!!!!

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