Barbell Shrugged Universal Laws

Barbell Shrugged Universal Laws

BB shrugged

I am so excited to be attending my first Mastermind hosted by my friends at Barbell Shrugged. Meeting Mike Bledsoe at the American Open in 2013 has been one of the best events of my life behind my children and wife, of course. Every time that I am around Mike, Chris, CTP, and Doug, I feel like I am reunited with my brothers. Sadly, I feel closer to them than my own brother, but once again that is the miracle of the barbell. Because we have that one unique bond, the barbell, we were able to grow a lasting relationship that will last throughout time.

Not to get off on a tangent, but I truly hope all of you take advantage of the same Barbell Miracle. I have formed lasting relationships all throughout the country that all started with a common love of the barbell. If you are the person that goes to the gym, hits your workout, and then leaves, you are missing an opportunity to make friendships that will feel more like new family members. I can’t explain it, but it is true.

In a world where it is hard to have 1 or 2 real relationships, these family members formed from the barbell are true rarities that I treasure with all my heart. Names roll through my head daily like a rolodex of all the people that I have met throughout the country now a part of my Barbell Family. This phenomenon is the very reason that Chuck and I formed “The Barbell Life” Podcast. I hope that you too will learn to slow down and experience the same miracle.

The Barbell Shrugged Crew have not only become great friends, but they have taught me a great way of doing life. They openly shared with me ways that they grew their podcast and online presence, which allowed me to create my online teams. The cool thing is that it’s all about helping other people. The majority of it is sharing as much awesome Free content that you can. I was already doing that, but not at the level that I am today.

The second important part is providing services that are important and helpful to others. My goal is always to find something that I have to offer that people need. When I find that need, I will put out as much free material as possible, because I don’t want to leave anyone out. I want to affect as many people in the world as possible before I die. Then if someone wants something a little more advanced, I will offer that too. It is that simple guys.

Without my friends at Barbell Shrugged, I would never have figured that out. The podcast that they did on “Barbell Business” a few days ago “Abundance vs. Scarcity” is a must listen. They talk about this very concept. There are people out there right now that would tell me that I am foolish to write this very article. They would say that I am giving away my secret. That’s crazy because it’s not my secret. It’s not Barbell Shrugged’s secret either. It’s a Universal Law that they picked up somewhere else, and then taught me the same law later down the road.

If you go through life afraid to help others, you are probably the guy hanging on to some great idea that will never come to fruition. They will just sit on the idea afraid to tell anyone, and then someone else will actually get it out to the world. Then that same person that was afraid to do anything will spend the rest of their life mad at the person who actually had the guts to do it. Those people are sad to me. A lot of times they have everything that it takes to succeed other than heart.

Paying the $3500 for this Mastermind was the easiest purchase of my life. A lot of people look at this as too big of an investment. What is too big? If you are a true entrepreneur, you know that one great idea is worth 10x $3500. The last time that I was with them, I discovered ideas that changed my life forever.

The Mastermind brings several of successful entrepreneurs together all willing to share ideas and experiences. I am confident that this event will be a game changer. The big question that you have to ask yourself is, “Am I really a person that can take a conceptual idea, and put it into play?” That is the big one! Plenty of people have amazing ideas, but zero follow through. If this is you, don’t pay the money. You’ll just come away with amazing ideas that you will never bring to life.

Becoming a successful person isn’t hard at all. It just takes someone that has the heart and work ethic to an idea and put it out to the world. It sounds easy, but people let fear stifle their pathways. I hope that I can be a catalyst in your life that lights a fire in your heart. Get off the couch and take that first step today!!! Not tomorrow!!! Tomorrow will never come!!!

Thanks Mike Bledsoe for doing that for me, and thanks to all the guys at Barbell Shrugged for continuing to inspire me! CTP, Doug, Chris, Mike, and AJ, you guys are inspiring the world to make a difference.

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