American Open Taper

MashMafia Weightlifting week 5

Day 1
Snatch HS(allowed three miss), 80/2
Clean & Jerk HS(allowed three misses), 80/2
Squats 3RM

Day 2
Power Snatch HS(no misses)
Power Clean HS(no misses)
Jerks off Blocks HS(1 miss only)
Band Rows/15 x 3

Day 3
Snatch to Hang Snatch 1RM (2 misses)
Clean to Hang Clean & Jerk 1RM (2 misses)
Front Squat Max 3 RM then -10%/3, and-20% for 2 sec pauses
Clean Pulls from Box 1×3 reps 105%

Day 4 off

Day 5
Snatch max
Clean & Jerk max

Day 6
Squats max 3, then -10%
GHDs/8 x 3

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