Adult “Get Jacked” Weightlifting Class Week 2 Programming

Week 1 was awesome, and I am jacked for week #2! I’m ready to watch people Slam Bars and Kill PRs! If you are interested in learning how to crush weights properly and correctly, check out our website or email me at

Get Jacked Week 2

Snatch 70×3, 75x3x3
Back Squats 85×3, 70x3x2,43x5x1(5 sec pause)
Box Jumps
Clean Pulls 105x2x6
Standing Shoulder Press HS, 70x3x2

Power Clean & Push Jerk 75×3+1 x 4
Snatch Grip BN Push Press 3 reps x 5
Jerk Position Millitary Press 3×5

Clean & J 70×3+1, 75×3+1×3
Front Squats 75x4x5
ME Bench Max Triple 3 Board, 95×1, max, 85×3(chest)
DL Max Triple off Box bar at knee

Power Snatch 75x3x5
OH Squat HS, 70x3x2
Push Press HS, 70x3x2

Max Snatch
Max Clean &J
Back Squats max 2 with 50lb chain, 85% bar weight + ch x3x2
Fat Bar Bench HS, 85x2x3

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