A Coach’s Investment Paying Off

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A Coach’s Investment Paying Off

Over the years I have had the honor of watching so many of my athletes go on to do amazing things. I watch them grow up in high school, choose a college, and take that big leap. I have watched many of my athletes play their chosen sport in college, and I can say that it is a real thrill for me. I have been told that I can be pretty embarrassing to sit beside. Well that’ too bad!!! I love these athletes, and I am filled with emotion from head to toe.

I remember watching Landon Harris hit his first three pointer for High Point University. I erupted! I watched that guy work for three years to earn his spot on the team. It was his hard work, but it was a team effort that kept him focused on the prize.

I watch my athletes take their first jobs out of college. I watch them fall in love. I have watched a few of them get married. It is watching these athletes grow up into adults that is the real pay off for me. Sure I want them to be the athletes that they want to be, but more importantly I want to see them live happy and fulfilling lives. One such athlete is Eze Onwurah.

I remember the day that I was doing power cleans with 315lbs, and Eze tried to deadlift it. The bar didn’t even budge from the floor. Eze weighed 155lbs at 6’0”, so he was skin and bones. At that moment, I agreed to train him out of pity.


Fast-forward two years, and Eze could Clean & Jerk 335lbs weighing well over 200lbs. He made a complete transformation. My involvement in his transformation is and example of one of my investments paying off. Eze’s life will never be the same, and I am a part of that. I thank God for this opportunity, and I have loved each and every moment like this.

Eze is now one of my coaches, and he has been one for 5 years. I love him like a son. Now Eze is into Power Building, and he looks incredible. He is now writing workouts for several people in my own gym because they want to look like Eze. He now weighs 216lbs at about 6% body fat. He looks incredible, and he loves doing it.


My job is to introduce the barbell to all of my clients. They will all find their own path. Some will choose weightlifting, and some will choose powerlifting. Then again there is GridStyle, CrossFit, bodybuilding, and simply general fitness. I don’t try to push them one-way or the other. I want them to do whatever they love.

Eze has competed in powerlifting and weightlifting, and he is totally proficient at both. However, his love is without a doubt Power Building. He loves being jacked and strong, and that is cool with me. The barbell is the barbell as far as I am concerned. Personally I love it all, so I totally get it.

For the last couple of months, I have watched Eze post on Instagram, and I have watched him find his place in the Barbell World. I have watched people comment on his workouts and his physique. I have watched him answer these people with intelligent well thought out answers, and it makes my heart over-flow with emotion. I am watching Eze find his way. In a way, I am passing the torch to Eze when it comes to the bodybuilding world. It is something that I am very pleased to do. My goal with all the people that work with me is for them to one day be as good or better than me. When this happens, I have done my job as their coach!

When that happens, my investment in them as a person pays off. You have all read or tried the “Eze Front Squat” Program. Now with Eze’s help, we are going to release the “Eze Get Yoked Program”. Eze is working on the programming, so get ready to check that out in the coming month or so. Allowing Eze to run one of my programs is going to be one of the most rewarding moments of my life. You are all going to love it!


The Eze “Get Yoked Program” will get you stronger in the squat, bench, and deadlift while getting you swole. My wife is starting the program this week, so I will let you all know how it goes. She is excited! I think that she is a closet bodybuilder anyway, so I am excited to see her transform.

If you are a coach long enough, you will have the benefit of watching your athletes grow up as well. Nothing is more rewarding in this profession. Sure it is cool to watch guys like Tommy Bohanon kill it for the Jets, but it is more exciting to see him smiling in a picture with his wife. This is a reward that a lot of people don’t talk about. However if you truly care about your athletes, this benefit of coaching will fill your heart.

Watching athletes like Jon North and Adee Zukier go on to do well in other sports excites me. Some coaches would get mad at them for not focusing on the sport that the coach loves. Luckily for them, I love the barbell, not one sport. I want them to live fulfilling lives chosen by them, not me. My goal as a coach is to help them reach whatever goal that they have. I embrace this role, and I love it.

If you are a coach, remember that you are there for the athlete, not the other way around. A coach should help their athletes reach their goals. More importantly we are to help them find purposeful and fulfilling lives. Embrace that!

I would love it if you guys leave comments or questions below!!!!

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