Eat What You Want Nutrition Program

Whether you are an elite weightlifter, CrossFitter, or just someone that loves to workout, by now we know that nutrition is a massive part of the equation. Fat doesn’t do anything for performance, and honestly none of us like it on the beach. We have put together a team that is going to help all of you take control of your nutrition, body fat, and body weight.

Yes, we are talking about macros:

• Proteins
• Fats
• Carbs

Yes, you can eat donuts and pop tarts. However, we don’t recommend it. The body is a machine. It will perform based on the fuel that you put within it. If you put garbage, then you might get a garbage performance. Any great athlete will tell you the same thing.

Allison Schuster is not only one of our coaches, but she is one of the elite athletes at Mash Elite Performance. She used to compete in the 58k/128lb Class where she snatched 68k/150lb and clean & jerked 85k/187lb. Now she competes in the 53k/116lb Class, and now she Snatches 73k/160lb and Clean & Jerks 91k/200lb.

That’s a weight class down, and she added 11k to her total. She’s about to total a whole lot more after we are done with her, but that’s an unbelievable start. Here are some before and after pics for you:

58k Class


53k Class


Our team is led by Rebekah Tilson, MS, CPT, USAW


From the Florida beaches to the Carolina Mountains, Rebekah loves spreading the news of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. She’s worked with hundreds of clients over her training career, bringing each to their optimal state of health. Rebekah is also an athlete at Mash Elite. She just happens to be one of the smartest as well.

I trust my own nutrition with Rebekah, and that’s why I can trust her with all of you. Obviously the athletes at Mash Elite prove time and again that they are the best in the country, and now you have access to all the tools that they have as well.

Our program is not going to simply be a list of macros. We are also going to include:

• Intra-workout suggestions- when it comes to timing, the foods that you eat before, during, and after workouts are always going to be the most important.
• Healthy ways to make a weight class.
• Healthy weight cuts for competition.
• Weekly check-ins
• Facebook Group for Daily Motivation and contact with coaches and teammates.

I am excited to bring this program to all of you new and improved. I look forward to helping all of you with your fitness goals. For the First 50 People, we are offering an all new price of $79/month. I don’t expect this to last more than a week, so jump on it.

To find out more about the program, check out the link below:

==> Eat and Lift What You Want Nutrition Program <==

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